More Reviews at Spize (River Valley)

More Reviews of good food at Spize (River Valley)

Terrific truffle mushroom linguine, generous amount of truffle oil used here unlike some places that do truffle pasta. You can taste the truffle very distinctly. Mushrooms were seared to perfection and were very fragrant like how mushrooms which are done properly should taste like. Chicken briyani was just pretty okay, the papadum tasted the best in the dish, crispy with the right amount of bite. Dahl and briyani was a bit flat, and could have been more aromatic.

Nasi goreng ayam, mee goreng pattata ($7.9), nasi goreng kampung.

I'm not the big fan of mee, so mee was okay, however the egg and the sauce are great!

For nasi goreng ayam, i don't really like the rice because the flavour is not strong enough for me, but the chicken is superr delicious💓

I'm in love with this nasi goreng kampung, because its remind me of my hometown.

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Nice and soft burger bun with melted cheese n portebello mushroom! Fries is good too! The beef patty wasn’t really to my liking bcos of a particular spice they put but overall, the dish is pretty good.


Texture and taste: Noodles too soggy. The egg stole the show. Cannot say the egg was good either. Too dry.
Portion: One plate is enough to share between two girls.

Spice’s River Valley outlet was opened in August 2003, selling a range of Asian, Indian and Mediterranean dishes. This New Zealand Ribeye Steaks is cooked just right and the beef is juicy and tender. Please read my review at

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Spaghetti Bolognese- $13.90
Milo Dinosaur- $4.50

Dish was served piping hot 😍👌 in a bowl that looks like a top hat (cute!). Came here after collecting my result (around 4pm) and it wasn't busy (thank god). The ambience was pleasant and i enjoyed the service received! There're 2 toilets here in the restaurant so kudos for that. Place is kept clean too so i like that. Food-wise, there were too much meat but it wasn't that saucy. I feel like the dish was too dry. Would've preferred if there were more sauce, but it's just my personal preference.

Ps: there's a Prayer Room at level 2 for muslims!!

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First time trying their cafe.... Had Maggie goreng pattaya, mee gorengw seafood & honey glaze chicken wings. Potion was exceptional generous & taste awesomeness delicious. Service was excellent & the cafe very cosy. Will come back again for sure to try others dishes.


Quite often not the dish you'll recognize this comfort food establishment with. With all the Mee Goreng, Roti John, Bullet Steak and all crowding the menu, you can't blame this item to be overlooked. Perhaps for that reason, but their sate kambing is really really good. The succulent grilled lamb babies are too good to be missed. Did I mention the peanut sauce is good to be "drinked" on its own?


The waitress says this is Thai style. Whatever it is, it's lipsmacking delicious. Your supper indulgence for $7.

This is not big. It's not huge, not even grande. It's mega!


Their extensive menu and commitment to dishing out comfort grub all through the wee hours of the night (open until 6am on weekdays at their River Valley Outlet) will leave you immensely satisfied and slightly guilty for satiating your midnight cravings. Perfect for simple burger and fries (go for the Spize "Star" Burger, $8.90), or the classic Maggi Goreng Pattaya ($7.50), Spize is your all-purpose, crowd-pleasing supper spot with Asian, Mediterranean, Indian and Western kitchens. Try the Mama Mia Murtabak ($12) filled with keema, mushroom and cheese or their award-winning Roti John (from $5.50)!

Tonight dessert goes to chocolate prata add ice cream and chocolate banana with ice cream.. Its so dayumm, this is just perfect for the super hot weather during the day. Ahaa 😉

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If u love crunchy fish m chips this one might delight you.. For me it was so so.. Around SGD13.5.. I enjoyed most is the ambience of Spize.. It has tables located next to the road so the air is really nice.. Enjoyed the crowd as well.. On dinner times, families come and makes me warm inside :)

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Perfect for simple burger and fries, or the classic maggi goreng pattaya, Spize is your all-purpose, crowd-pleasing supper spot. If you're feeling famished and adventurous, try the Mama Mia Murtabak! Tip: order a serving of fries to share, along with a small bowl of fish curry to dip into.

Egg noodles fried with a savoury sauce, scattered with slices of fishcakes, chicken and some vegetables. Unhealthy but oh-so-yummy! 😁

Maggie Goreng Pattaya, fried noodles wrapped with egg. See what's inside.

⭐⭐⭐Singapore - Was tasty. Chicken piece was tender. And curry was not watery.

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⭐⭐⭐Singapore - Nice but the egg steals the show. Cause the noodles become blend after a while.

⭐⭐⭐⭐Singapore - Yummilicious but make sure you get them to deshell the prawns. If not your eating experience gets tedious.

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