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From the Burpple community

This dish itself is worth the whole deal at this Asian Top 50 restaurant conceptualised by renowned Henrik Yde Andersen, whose Kiin Kiin restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, is currently the only Thai restaurant in the world holding a Michelin star. It's not hard to imagine why this lobster salad is a clear favourite with diners here. With its generous succulent lobster served in a bed of herbs and flowers, lychee foam and a sorbet of Thai red curry. One can easily be forgiven for falling in love all too easily with this visual stimulation. Especially when the vapors from the liquid nitrogen emerges from the interesting hollow in the serving bowl, you can let your imagination run wild that your dining partner is actually Scarlett Johansson.


This sous vide braised pork belly can certainly improve with a more balanced cut of the pork's belly and by that I mean a fattier layered one. The five spice is evidently robust but in a good way. The crackling pork skin somewhat contorted shouldn't come as too much of a surprise for ASEAN street food hunters - being yet another common side dish to accompany your boat noodles etc. The interesting and unusual part is that the fattier skin is served faced down, but maybe it's saving the best for last as you work through the leaner parts of the cut. Overall my verdict: street lor bak works better than this atas one, but if I am in Denmark (Kempinski) I will certainly be a regular fan for this dish.


For mango lovers! The name of this dessert is so unsuspecting and perhaps lacks the creativity which comes with this creatively plated desert. The double walled glass comes with a petite serving of mango infused rice, with mango cubes and mango ice cream. What certainly captures your attention is the ball of mango candy floss on top of the glass. When you are ready for indulgence pour the mango syrup onto the candy floss and let it melt into the glass.... ohhhh yesssss!


Lotus root chip, not an unusual ingredient these days in dishes to give it an interesting texture and visual intrigue. The serving is esthetically pleasing with the chips served on the dried lotus flower core.


The name of the appetizer couldn't be more precise. The dressing is hand made in front of you and can be customized for spiciness. It's actually more sweet than anything even then we asked for medium heat. The powdered stuff in the middle is not cheese but roasted rice which gives the dish the texture and slight savoury taste. Truly enjoyable opener to more exciting dishes. Can't wait.


Chef Henrik Yde Andersen's take on Thai food is packed with lots of contrasting flavors and is a beauty to behold. He adds the touch of modernism to age old Thai cooking.
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