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From the Burpple community

The taste of how Rojak should be, as I know it. There are many Rojak stalls in Singapore, some needs to queue, some very famous as well but its the taste that matters and I found it here.

There are two Rojak stalls in the same block, not the other.🤣

鵰記港式燒臘 (Diao Ji) has one of the nicer quality of roasted delights in the vicinity. A few times when I came over to grab lunch, they do have a consistent flow of customers.

Their Char Siew & Roast Pork Rice (S$4.50) comes with fragrant rice, so I guess they made the braised sauce a little lighter to compensate for a better balance in salt. I liked their meats being a little juicy, so it would not be too tough to chew. As for the soup, they gave a peanut and red bean soup that turned out to be very slightly savoury, but was actually more refreshing than the conventional clear vegetable soup.

They do welcome advance orders for larger quantities and whole roast chickens, roast ducks, char siews, roast meats and roast suckling pigs too. Just approach the friendly aunty who takes orders to inquire.

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