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Chef Emerson Manibo's much anticipated bakery is finally open on Havelock Road. Buy loaves to-go (seven types available daily, from $12) or stay for their Honeyed Mascarpone Posh Toast ($14) which sees a slice of sourdough of your choice toasted and slathered in honey and luscious mascarpone, and topped with crushed walnuts, bee pollen and black sea salt. After 11am, try their sandwiches. Burppler Veronica Phua recommends the Salmon Smørrebrød ($16) with smoked salmon, house-pickled cucumber and radish, sumac and crème fraiche.
Photo by Burppler Zhihui Lim

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Sandwich starts after 11am so we managed to try the very decadent 3 Cheese ($19). Served on Rosemary loaf which I had previously picked for the Honey Mascarpone toast. Crisp crust, chewy slightly fluffy bread, mild tang and nothing to fault☺️

Using 3 types of cheese, stretchy and incredibly sinful, it was served with.. carrots which I didn’t touch but I appreciate the balanced diet😂/ potential crunchy sweetness that may help to cut through the richness?? Major cheese lover here so I easily finished it but some may find it too jelak I guess - so yep good for sharing (calories).


Not mine but I had a teeny bite of it. The housemade sunflower peanut butter was real tasty, and well complemented with the slightly tart shrub jam; but my sweet-tooth buddy personally found it too sour when paired with the country loaf.


From the newly-opened Starter Lab at Havelock Road; a brand that is pretty established for their housemade breads back in Bali, Indonesia.

Having had a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches prior, the Starter Lab 3 Cheese is possibly the best we have ever had. Baked in-house fresh on a daily basis, the sourdough toast is pretty crusty and crisp on the exterior; the bread carrying a good bite and chew with a slight tension with every bite — the sourness from the fermantation process also being clearly evident as well, which is already great to have on its own without any condiments. Using a mix of three cheeses, the cheese gives a satisfying cheese pull that works for the 'gram; the cheese being all melted, oozy and stretchy that it's ultimately savoury and comforting — pretty impressive overall. Coming with a side of pickled jalapeños, the pickled jalapeños helped to add some sweetness in between, whilst also introducing a fiery kick that refreshes the taste buds for those who might find the dish a tad heavy due to the immense cheesiness. An item which we really love, the only gripe came from the service however — a particular wait staff pulling a disgusted face over clearing barely-stained tissue papers and the table is not one would expect from a cafe; not a big issue overall considering its a single individual but you get what I mean...


Honeyed Mascarpone posh toast - house made mascarpone + crushed walnuts + honey + bee pollen + black sea salt. You can choose the bread you want for your toast. I went for danish rye.

The portions look small from the picture and yes, it will be smaller than you imagine. The bread is dense, packed with seeds and sliced very very thinly. The bread is well toasted and I like the taste of it.

The toppings work well together - it is sweet, salty, crunchy and creamy. At $14 will I order this again? No. I wished I had ordered the sandwiches instead after I saw my toast.

Their scones are unexpectedly crunchy on the outside and I like it! Didn’t like their banana bread though - too seeded and not banana-y enough for me.

Will try their sandwiches next time and skip the toast

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My favorite would be the scone, not too dense and was very fragrant! Wished we had clotted cream and jam the English way😛. The banana bread was a little sweet and denser, so definitely good to share, while the Morning bun was fluffy, flaky, buttery, with a hint of cinnamon.

With a cup of coffee, this plate of three pastries set us back by about $19. Pretty pricey but I’ll definitely be back for the occasional splurge and try their sandwiches!