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From the Burpple community

[Halal, London] Presenting you one of the Southern American dishes that has taken the world by storm in the last five years - fried chicken and waffles! 🤭🍗🥞

Stax Diner is one of the few places in London that does it (£12.50 ish I think?) and tags along the assurance that they use halal meat in their preparation. First of all, don’t be fooled by how small it looks in the picture - its portion is good for two people. I mean, I had it to myself and it was great because I got to enjoy this all on my own, but finishing it was quite the challenge. 🤧

The thing that aided in me finishing everything was how lip-smackingly delicious it was. The waffles, first of all…the combination of a delicately crisp façade and an incredibly, soft, moist and piping hot interior. That is the essence of amazing waffles, if you ask me. And fhe chicken pieces were tender enough for me to cut without the signature resistance that would normally have me zig-zagging the knife through. The breading was thin enough to concentrate the flavour of the spices and soak up the maple syrup so the meld of the sweet and savoury was undoubtedly pronounced.

This dish was…very unproblematic, yet had a hidden finesse, if that makes any sense. If it was a co-worker, I’d love to work with them - no second guessing that. How’s that for clarificafion? 😬 (8.1/10)

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