Steeped Tea Bar

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What We Love
  • Beyond: 1-for-1 Beverage (save ~$6.30)
  • Limited seating
  • Sleek, minimal, white space for quiet time
  • Refreshing, freshly "pulled" fruit teas
  • Grapefruit Genmaicha, Grape Oolong

2 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188091

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11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 07:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Have been in my wish list for quite a while, so I was q disappointed to see that it’s no longer 1 for 1 but 30% off instead (and only one redemption for weekend :()

Anw we got the pear oolong (which tasted good, but there were some of the residues that could have been sieved out) and soursop sem cha! Will try other flavours again if I’m passing by bugis :)

You know it's good when it is freshly brewed on the spot! Time to sip your steeped tea. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

β€’ Matcha Latte (2 cold 1 hot) ($6.30 each u.p.)

The matcha latte was good surprisingly. There was no powder residue in the drink at all. I saw them stirring the matcha with the brush and i knew it was gonna be smooth. I redeemed 1 deal and paid for the 3rd cup at normal price.

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Wanted to clear my tea list for matcha latte πŸ₯² for a long time and didn't expected that I would travel from Orchard to Bugis πŸ€” Matcha Latte (Cold) ($6.30) and oh yes, they accept NETS, Paywave and credit card transaction, etc and don't accept cash or paynow transcation πŸ™ƒπŸ˜¬. The taste for Matcha Latte was quite bitter enough as the milk didn't really covered their bitter taste πŸ™‚. I didn't expected that their matcha serving was so much 😱 and really appreciated how much effort that they done live for whisking matcha powder after ordering drinks on the counter πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

Bought a pear high mountain oolong ($6.30) and melon mint jin xuan ($6.30). It was 30% off with burpple beyond. Really like both teas! The pear high mountain oolong has a v subtle bitterness of the oolong that complements the sweetness of the pear. Both drinks are very refreshing, great for a hot day.

Doesnt seem like their cakes are made in house, the signature roll ($7.50) we ordered didn't taste very fresh.

Might return here for the teas even without burpple beyond, but only when I feel like treating myself.

Matcha Latte 🍡
Melon Latte

After using Burrple, spent $6.30//- for two drinks. Drinks were yummy and tasted healthy too. We will be back!