[CLOSED] Streaky Hot Dogs

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11, Jalan Radin Bagus 5
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
Kuala Lumpur 57000

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From the Burpple community

A catchy name with a catchy combination. It's a combination of Bockwurst Sausage (smoked pork sausage, soft but have crunchy texture), 4 slices of boiled egg, a (pinch of) bacon, big toasted bun (there's an option that you can choose), and mentai sauce on top of it. Yes! Mentai! I don't know why but it feels weird for me when I read the menu that they combine mentai and pork sausage (but it's good anyway).

The taste is sweet but you can taste a bit of savoury at the same time. You can start to taste the mentai and egg after the second/third bite and taste a (pinch of) bacon at the end of your hotdog. You may want to prepare tissue for this cause the mentai and egg and the big bun will jump all over your mouth when you try to eat them all in one bite

Streaky hotdogs allow you to choose your own sausage, your own bun, and you can have it with a set! There are three option for the sets. Any hotdog + fries/chili fries/ chili cheese fries + bottomless drink (carbonated drink or heaven on earth), price will be different for every hotdog that you choose, but for Humpty Dumpty with fries is 21.90!

Nearest public transport is Sri Petaling LRT, then you can take taxi after that for around 7-10 rm (I know, it's not that really reachable, but you may want to give it a try)


The BLT. Bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. I added on my favourite candied bacon for extra taste. Combination of pork bockwurst, toasted buns, extra lettuce, and candied bacon.
The BLT already comes with bacon bits and topped off with sown curry mayonnaise. The curry mayo was a little odd for my taste. And this topping wasn't as delicious as the previous ones I had. Not a personal favourite nor a recommendation. Try the more adventurous ones. They're much tastier.
Since this was a revisit for me. The toasted buns and sausage definitely did not change. The chilly fries (not pictured) was a little sweet that night though!
Good: 6/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 15.50 + RM 3, Had set meal 2 of chilly fries and bottomless soda, add on RM 10. Total = RM28.50)

"Size does matter" is what they say. And the people at Streaky Hot Dogs do take it very seriously if you take a look at their wieners...I mean sausages.

Looking relatively new in the midst to "to let"s and "for sales", the place is minimalistic with funky art on the walls. Painted as well as hung canvases. Minimal menu with only pork sausages (bockwurst - smooth texture on the inside with a chewy skin. Think a balloon of meat in the shape of a sausage, if you've bought German sausages with the soft smooth creamy meat textures, this is it; and bratwurst - coarser meat texture) and chicken (chicken bockwurst). No beef sausages are on the menu as of yet but they are apparently working on it. Apparently.

Weird combinations with equally cute names such as Samurai, Shroom, Wasabi, Humpty Dumpty are available with different combinations on toppings. Or if you like the down to basics stuff, go for a Naked Dog (RM 10.90) which is a "plain basic hotdog" as they say.

Top ups are available to turn your hot dogs into sets:
Set 1- add on RM 6 for fries and bottomless drinks
Set 2- add on RM 10 for chilli fries and bottomless drinks
Set 3- add on RM 12 for chilli cheese fries and bottomless drinks

The set 3 combo with my Samurai (japanese cucumber, crispy tofu pok, bacon bits, mentaiko sauce - from the menu) hotdog came to RM 27.90 with no GST and service charge.

Food comes a little slow but if you have friends I guess you might not really notice it. The chilli cheese fries were really sweet. Yes not as sweet as you but it was sweet. And not really the kind that made me happy despite my love for cakes and sweets. The amount of cheese on the fries were like pencil shavings when I sit for my English paper. And I use a pen for my English paper. Come on, Carl's Jr puts more cheese than that! Granted I know that mozzarella is pretty expensive. Sharp cheddar then! Or mix it, I don't know. The rule when it comes to cheese - you go big or you go home.

The hotdog itself was another story. Now if you always wanted to know how it felt like to almost break your jaw. Or if you want to - for some odd reason- attempt to break your jaw, may I suggest you to do it by eating this gigantic huge hot dog with a hard 50 cent (old coin) wide wiener. Sausage. The bread plus bun plus toppings, is almost hard to get everything in one bite while looking like the gentle and graceful lady I usually am. Instead I was back to being a snotty nosed brat who picked apart her burger. Really tho, it's HUGE. And the thing about hot dogs is, it's the best when eating it all together. Do you pick apart your sandwhich? No? Exactly! Do you pick apart your burger? Yes? What are you doing with your life? Things like these are meant to be eaten in a bite and if you can't I don't see how a big thick sausage will make any difference.

The toppings were barely of any significance. Eaten separately, the mentaiko sauce was more towards mayo...and more mayo while the tofu and bacon did give a crunch, it didn't contribute to the flavour. Eaten together the taste of the sausage just overwhelms everhthing and make the things like tofu pok and cucumber disappear into the background like a forgotten boy band. The bread was soft. It was soft.

So yes, while size does matter. What is important is ultimately the skill...of putting together a harmonious hot dog. Big doesn't mean better. Unless it's a competition of whose is bigger.


Streaky Hot Dogs is taking hot dogs to a whole new level. Order off their menu or customise your own unique dog — sweet, savoury, spicy — they have it all. This is just the spot to have some fun with your food, you can even create a whacky combination like pork bockwurst sausage topped with marshmallows and chocolate, just as the adventurous Burpple Tastemaker Foodroll did! A more sensible option would be the Shrooms (RM14.50) — a toasted bun with pork bockwurst topped with a medley of mushrooms. Tip: order a side of chilli cheese fries to complete your meal!


My combustion for Shrooms was: Toasted buns and bockwurst pork sausage.
Topped with a medley of grilled portobello mushrooms, mushrooms, and enoki mushroom.

This was a recommended and bestseller menu. Also one of my personal favourites! As recommended, the toasted buns would complement the delicious bockwurst pork sausage. The bockwurst is smoked, with smooth texture pork meat and great crunchy snap sound at bite. Talk about great texture and flavour. Since the sausages are fully customised by the owners, they are nitrate free and not too salty as those in supermarket delis. Definitely more protein filling and taste. It wasn't too porky. The bockwurst was a winner for me among all that I've tried.

The sausage was about 4 inches long and 1 inch of diameter thick. So generous!
Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 14.50 - prices are quite affordable to be given such a delicious combination and portion. The bun may seem quite small but one hot dog combo is really enough to stuff an average appetite. I don't mind paying for a gourmet hot dog. Just like how we pay for gourmet "geek" burgers 😉)

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Torched for extra colour and taste.
I'm starting to think I like everything I ate here. But this Japanese inspired hot dog combination was a mix of freshness from cucumber, salty and texture from fried tofu and bacon bits, some wave of fatty mashed seafood sauce.
The mentaiko sauce was a little overwhelming because it took over the taste of the sausage and I made quite a mess eating this. I personally do not like too much sauce/dressing on my food. The mentaiko sauce did give a lot of flavour nevertheless.
Bratwurst sausage only comes in pork, coarse pork meat, par boiled and lightly seared on the grill when served. This was not as crunchy/snappy as bratwurst. But thinking about coarse meat, it's not as bad as you think. They were still very tender and delicious. The taste was milder than the bockwursts. Probably due to the mentaiko sauce covering the taste. Diameter was a little thicker than bratwurst and shorter in length.

Steamed buns were so fluffy! Because it was so soft, I even thought of buying home some for myself!
I'll name this combination: Sushi Hot Dog. Because that's what came through my mind on the first bite.
Food: 7/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 15.90 - again, I like the generosity of portion and the flexibility to chose what sausages and type of buns you'd like! 😋)

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