[CLOSED] Strictly Pancakes

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One of the first few cafes that I have visited since the start of my cafehopping adventures, I m sad to announce that @strictlypancakes has officially ceased operations as of today, 28th June. As one with a sweet tooth, I usually go for sweet pancakes instead of savoury and it was actually my first time trying this top seller- garlic butter prawns that day. Much to my surprise, the first bite got me hooked on that I unknowingly abandoned the druggie (a sweet pancake which was my other order for our table). The creamy garlic butter sauce was indeed a joy to the palate with the aromatic fragrance of garlic, herbs and spices that was distinct and lingering, a pronounced flavour which stole the limelight away from other elements of this dish. The prawns were also fresh, plump and juicy, a great complement to the garlic butter sauce! 2 pancakes are served by default now instead of 3, which was a fortunate thing to me as I always tend to leave the last piece untouched. The pancakes are soft, fluffy with a cake-y texture, not my kind of pancakes as I would still prefer a light, souffle-style of pancakes. Nevertheless, the garlic butter sauce won my heart over and I would gladly love to revisit to try it again - which unfortunately I am not able to do so now 😢👋🏻 .
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Remember my first strictly pancakes experience during JC days and in a flash of 5 years the establishment will bid its goodbye on the 28th June (last day of operations).
Came here to witness a full house, thankfully I made reservations. Despite that we had to wait awhile for these pancakes but it was bearable especially because of my dining companion I haven’t met in awhile.
I will remember strictly for their interesting take(s) on savoury pancakes and comforting sweet ones. While the consistency of my favourite food here varies, their variety have always appealed to me and I genuinely hope to see something from them in the future.


Pancakes had chocolate flavour in them, something different from the usual pancakes we often try. The ice cream was some delicious ice cream. It's sad that they are closing down soon, don't forget to download the Eatsy app to get one additional topping when you are there !

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Wow I must say the sauce is really amazing ! Thick and very flavourful. Prawns were well cooked. Definitely a must try when coming here. Sadly they are closing down so don't wait, quickly try it before they're gone !

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They dont have nutella meets bacon anymore, but they introduce 3 new souffle pancakes. These pancakes are cloudier sort of creamier compared to their regular pancakes. The ondeh ola pandan servex with kaya sauce, toasted coconut and vanilla ice cream. Oh ordering here via the Eatly app gets you extra topping (ice cream, bacons), had mine with berries 4.25/5

two soufflé like thick pancakes stuffed w nutella + chewy caramelized bacon strips w crisp edges, banana slices and a drizzle of maple syrup!! love the fluffy texture of the pancakes, u just nvr go wrong w nutella and the combi of maple and bacon just rounds the whole dish tgt 🤤