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at SU Korean
BBQ Meat
SAVE ~$16
BBQ Meat
SAVE ~$16
BBQ Meat
SAVE ~$16
BBQ Meat
SAVE ~$16


From the Burpple community

This hidden gem in Peace Centre is your next go-to for quality Korean BBQ at affordable prices. Grab a hungry companion and pig out to your heart's content with the Pork BBQ Set ($33.90 for 2 pax), which comes with chili pork belly, garlic pork belly, original pork belly and marinated pork collar. If you prefer beef, the Beef BBQ Set ($38 for 2 pax) includes bulgogi with vegetables, LA galbi and beef brisket.
Photo by Burppler Hui Min Ong


Su Korean Cuisine is definitely a hidden gem in Toa Payoh which serves quality korean bbq at affordable price.

We happened to chance by the store while walking around Toa Payoh and it was saddening to know that they will be relocating to Peace Centre soon.

Do visit their new outlet if you are keen to try the food.

The best part of having Korean food is undeniably the number of side dishes. 8 kinds of side dishes & free flow, omg where to find? 🤣
Back to the kimchi Soup, I was craving for kimchi Soup since 2 weeks before having this, so I could be a little bias here. An abundance of ingredients. Truly satisfied my craving & wanting to go back for more. Also, service was prompt & friendly, kudos to the wait staff 👍🏼, 감사합니다! On a side note, happy midweek!! 🎉


Pretty mediocre bbq in terms of the spread but the quality of meat is good.
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This hidden gem does one of my favourite Korean meals in Singapore. Kimchi Tofu Stews aren't fancy to look at, but they sure are spicy and comforting. This one's bulked up with a flavourful stock, enoki mushrooms, firm tofu, chicken chunks, egg, scallions and vermicelli.
Furthermore, if you dine between 1130-1500hrs daily, all their set lunches go at 12.9bucks per serving, which includes a whopping 8 side dishes and two slices of fruit after your meal.
12.9bucks/bowl (set lunch)
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Korean Brunch; cheers to a good meal start for 2014! :D