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From the Burpple community

One of my go to places for cheap and good korean food! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Though this place may not serve up the best dishes, but they consistently serve up piping hot down-to-earth no-frills korean food! The spicy beef soup came with generous slices of beef and vermicelli noodles while the kimchi pork came with pork belly slices, tofu and kimchi! 🀀🀀 The winner for me is definitely the number of side dishes at this price points, and especially love the korean black beans! 😍😍 With fast service and free flow of barley tea/water, this is the perfect place for family gatherings or large group gatherings. Only downside is the ulu location, but it’s still situated pretty near town so definitely worth a try!

Ordered the spicy fish soup thinking the fish will be some shredded sardine kinda fish. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was some big white chunks of fleshy fish like barramundi, cod kinda fish. It had a very nice texture as it was not overly cooked. Springy n chewy. The best part of the meal is still the sides. There's potato, fishcakes, seaweed, beans n peanuts, Kimchi, sprouts, radish n some leafy vegetables. Spend $11.80 inclusive top up of $1 for drinks.

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This homely Korean BBQ establishment serves ala carte (or sets of) marinated and non-marinated meat cuts that are generous in portions yet of quality you’d typically find in good, value for money kbbq buffets. Perfect for a person like me who dislikes the excessiveness of buffets.
While only the meat cuts are on the Burpple deal, affordable lunch/dinner sets are available everyday which makes this place a go to destination for reasonably priced Korean food.

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Chanced upon this Korean restaurant and to my surprise the shop is pretty empty during lunch time! The shop is really spacious and I like how you can people watch at the window seats. The sides are free flow and they have up to 8 side dishes for you to choose from. I love their kimchi as it's not too sour + a little bit of spiciness to it. You can determine whether this is a good Korean restaurant base on their kimchi πŸ˜‰ Their sliced fish cakes & potatoes (it's sweet omo it's so APEELING) are nice too! As for this main dish, I got it as the lunch promo which comes with a free drink. The portion is just nice for me. But the soup tasted really like those instant noodles MSG πŸ˜… which wasn't what I was expecting. The sliced chicken are quite tender but slightly lacking in flavour. Nevertheless I still quite like this place as they have many dishes for you to choose from the lunch menu!

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Was quite pleasantly surprised with their jjajangmyeon! Although it didn’t come with the usually chewy yellow noodles, the ramen was cooked really al dente and held up the jjajang sauce really well! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Definitely satisfies some jjajangmyeon cravings and the ingredients were generous too! 🀀🀀 Loveeee their sides, especially the black beans which you rarely ever find anywhere nowadays 😍😍 Dinner set comes with free flow drinks and sides, so it’s really really worth and great ambience + service too!

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If there is one side that you have to order, this is it! (Wanna go for pancake initially but no regret as it’s value for money and we try something different). It has cheese, fish cake and potato in croquette style. One thing gotta be careful, it’s hot so take a slow bite!! 😜πŸ₯
P.S. Free flow of tea and water (1 jug each). Do support them if you can. We really enjoy their food & service. We would also come back to support them as it would be great to see them offering affordable & nice Korean homecook style eatery in town. πŸ™β€οΈ