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Welcome to Subrosa. Set in a beautifully restored shophouse, one can wine and dine in exclusivity in our elegant dining room and relaxed lounge space. While soaking in the ambience, our head chefs will satiate your tastebuds with the finest ingredients that are specifically sourced on the day itself as you sit back to enjoy a wide array of wines and liquors. Be it business gatherings, entertaining clients and all celebrations possible, we will elevate your dining experience and leave you with wonderous memories.

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From the Burpple community

Look at the array of bright and colourful mixture of colours! Summer is definitely here!

The bottom layer was actually set milk with only 2 ingredients using white chocolate and milk. Topped with 2 versions of strawberries, the normal ones and the sobert. Sprinkled with shortbread crumbs and decorated with lemon curd and raspberry jam. The strawberry and raspberry meringues are surprisingly not as sweet as those commercial ones and is the first time that i actually polished off the meringues.

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The beef comes in 2 forms for this dish. Pan-seared wagyu and braised ox cheek. The braised ox cheek was suppose to give the rendang rendition with coconut flakes on the top. Definitely love the ox cheek, very tender as it tears off very easily from a pull. However, the wagyu was slightly disappointing as it was not well-cooked as expected. The meat was slightly tough and chewy which was not suppose to be the texture for a medium doneness.

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Cured duck ham and roasted duck meat with pickled blackberries, topped with fried shredded carrots. Suprisingly, the cured duck ham was not too saltish as compare to the usual cured meat and very palatable. However, the roasted duck meat was the one that won this dish the best course for the day. The skin was nicely roasted to that crispiness and pairs very well with the meat. You can’t even taste any oilness even if you pop in the whole piece of meat.


Mango sobert, citrus and mojito blended and lastly, garnished with lime skin. It taste more like a sweet treat than a palate cleanser.

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Next on the line was this hawker favourite. Instead of prawn, they have lobster meat. Prawn broth was pour in separately shortly after they served.

On the side note, pls pair this with the chili. It really has a kick! Pork lard was also served at the side so one can choose the healthier choice or sinful way of eating the hokkien mee.

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Instead of the traditional prawn cocktail, this deconstructed piece of art gives another rendition to the traditional british dish. Crab was freshly bought off the market in the morning, cooked n peeled after. The prawn was deep fried with batter and coconut into crispy bites. The dish was finally squeeze in with a cream made from prawn leftovers like their head, shell and prawn. The cream tasted more like chili crab and no prawn taste.

The tomato on the side serves as palate cleanser that was soak in bloody mary for 3 weeks. The blood mary flavour from the tomato was really intense and full of flavour!