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[CLOSED] Sugarhaus (Tampines 1)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


From the Burpple community

We had the Kyoto Matcha with Azuki Red Beans and Speculoos Cookie. Both ice cream are quite mediocre, would recommend Dutch Chocolate. The waffles was crisp but do have abit of alkaline aftertaste.



We had the Dutch Chocolate and Hokkaido Milk with Strawberries. My favorite had to be the Dutch Chocolate, it’s so rich and intense kind of dark chocolate. The waffles was crisp but do have abit of alkaline aftertaste.



Using #burpplebeyond for the first time and we redeemed waffles with double scoop ice cream! Really love the strong matcha taste in the matcha with brown sugar and mochi ice cream and how the passionfruit sorbet provided a contrasting and refreshing taste the matcha. They have pretty unique flavours here and the waffles are soft and crisp!


[Available on Burpple Beyond] I like spending my Christmas eve gorging on all the food I can get…and so I headed down to Sugarhaus’s to treat myself and some friends to waffles and ice-cream. 🤩🎄

Their waffles are quite brittle and not as substantial as some of my favourites’, but their gelati are decent! Each flavour packs a strength — besides the Kyoto Matcha Adzuki and Sour Cherry, we also got the Hazelnut and Earl Grey Lavender — which may be a sign of it being less authentic and repel tough cynics. 🤔 However, the good thing is that they weren’t too sweet, and I can imagine young families enjoying it. It would of course, be better, if someone among them had Burpple Beyond. I’m just saying. 👀😂

The place is decked out quite beautifully as well, which was a nice touch to the experience. Also, they don’t have alcoholic products in the array of flavours offered, so it can be enjoyed by more people. 🙏🏼 I quite liked this place! (7.5/10)


We had the Hokkaido Milk with Strawberries, Dutch Chocolate, Charocoal Vanilla and Kyoto Matcha with Azuki Red Beans. My favorite had to be Dutch Chocolate, which was a rich dark chocolate, but it got a bit heavy towards the end. The charcoal vanilla was my second favorite, because it wasn’t too sweet and light! The waffles were crisp and went great with the ice cream! Thank you #burpplebeyond for this deal :,)

I'm a complete Matcha FAN! And its soo hard to find really authentic and refreshing Matcha Gelato... But this place did Matcha proud with mixing my 2 favorite desserts and came up with the most extremely cute and gooey Kyoto Matcha brown sugar and MOCHI!!! The Matcha Azuki was soo good too!
My partner however is a chocolate fanatic, and had their dutch chocolate orange, his satisfied expression was all I needed to write about it;) will definitely come back for more

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