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A quick scroll through on their location page suggested that this isn't ordered as often. But I really liked it when I had it during an internal tasting, so I think it's something you can consider having with their one cup sake.
This is roasted and seasoned with housemade curry spice, and I really like the curry spice which was roasted with a light crisp. It's savory so it adds flavour and went very well with the creamy marrow. Served with toasted buckwheat brioche and whole grained mustard. Try it!
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Back at Sumo Bar Happy! They didn’t have this the last time I was there and I’m a sucker for cold noodles, so little surprise that I ended up with this. A basket full of deep-fried goodness and a refreshing bowl of yuzu noodles definitely put a huge smile on my face, don’t even get me started on their tempura onsen egg. 😛

The tempura batter was light and wasn’t greasy, but hot damn, was their salmon fillets done to perfection. Crispy batter on the outside, soft and moist on the inside, I’m salivating thinking about the aromatic fish oils that oozed out as I bit into it. The noodles were great too, refreshing and thick with a satisfying bite. Break open the oozy egg to mix into the noodles, or just pop the whole fried package into your mouth. I would have thought it’s a no-brainer getting their Sumo Ramen, but this just made decisions that much harder!

Sumo Ramen ($23)
A long overdue revisit to @SumoBarHappy really makes me uber happy! For all the carnivore lovers out there, this is hands-down probably the best value bowl of meaty ramen you can find anywhere. There is a total of 5 different kinds of meat cooked to perfection waiting to be devoured. Juicy sauteed sliced US beef, 8-hour slow-roasted red wine boneless short rib, fatty nagano pork char siew slices, braised beef tendon and a gigantic piece of oxtail full of tender meat that pries off so easily with a fork. Oh and then there were the nori and freeflow softboiled egg sidekicks to complete the bowl. I did wish there was more of the collagen-rich tonkotsu broth only because it was so delicious! I doubt I can ever bring myself to move away from this must-order for future return visits!

If you are then Sumo Bar Happy is one ramen joint that you shouldn’t miss out. When there, go for the full works and order the Sumo Ramen ($23) which comes loaded with all of their beef toppings such as roasted oxtail, beef tendon, sliced U.S. beef and an 8-hour slow roasted red wine boneless short ribs. This bowl is absolute beefy goodness with the enhancement of Nagano pork char siew, which will definitely make any carnivore salivate. And did I say that each order of ramen comes with free flow eggs?
Sumo Bar Happy
Address: 261, Waterloo Street, Unit 01-24, Singapore 180261

You forget your dislike for fatty cuts (blasphemy I know) and order it anyway. I’ll be frank and say that my enthusiasm died pretty quick once my palate and preferences come kicking in; but I have to say this was pretty good while it lasted. Slices of fatty, pinky, melt-in-your-mouth grilled Japanese A3 wagyu ribeye, a silky onsen egg yolk, umami housemade yakiniku sauce and a seriously unbelievably delish bowl of sushi rice. I was honestly quite surprised at how well-seasoned and tasty their sushi rice was! Perfectly cooked, tender with a bite, it’s surprising how the most basic ingredient can make or kill a dish — leaving me impressed in this case.

slow-roasted oxtail, braised beef tendon, sauteed sliced US beef, slow-roasted red wine boneless short rib and pork char siew

Disappointing bowl of ramen... Lukewarm soup, soggy noodles, short rib tough and dry, sliced beef ?? missing, under seasoned soft-boiled egg. Waste of money, left two-thirds of the bowl uneaten.

Sumo bar happy

A bit strange going to this small bar without ordering something to "drink". But they im not much of a drinker, but too much of an eater

Nori wrapped in chicken skin ($11)-i love chicken skins, fried ones? Yesssss 4.25/5

Mini loco moco Dom ($18)-well, it is not as small as what the name impliesm foie gras was nice, the cured meat was flavorful though the egg was overcooked 4/5

Home made spam, perfectly cooked foie gras and a quail egg all stacked neatly on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice.

Fusion Ramen: the Sumo bowl ($23) is the most worth it as it has oxtail, tendon and ribs. However the regular beef or char siew bowl has too much fat. The thin noodles and broth are pretty tasty. Gyoza isn't worth it. It's red and it's $10 for 4.

Sumo Bar Happy is well known for their beef ramen, but they serve really good tapas as well.
One dish that I always order when I visit is this beef gyoza, which has its colour from roasted capsicum. Therefore despite its colour, it's not spicy at all. But be sure to have it with their housemade chilli served on the side, or their housemade 10-spice togarashi (usually it's only 7-spice). I really like its crispy skin with very juicy beef short rib filling using US prime short rib.

Take their ramens — this Bone-in Short Rib Ramen in particular. Seems a rip off at $42, but ooooh trust me this hefty portion feeds two and is definitely well worth the buck for the quality you get. I mean seriously take a look at that huge slab of meat?! Red wine-braised short rib that's fall-off-the-hugeass-bone tender and moist, sitting in a rich tonkotsu broth, with springy noodles to help you sop all that goodness up. The only chance you won’t dig this is if you don’t like thick broths.

Beef tartar with a twist. Diced up US prime beef, mustard, soy sauce, egg yolk, truffle and missing wasabi. The egg yolk bond all the flavors together and smoothen out the texture. Good way to replace the biscuit or cracker with lettuce for a healthier choice. Refreshing and packed with taste. .
Sumo Ramen ($23)
A little too oily for me as the cook didn’t skin off the surface before scooping the soup. The mouth watering braised beef was the center of all thing delicious. A very comforting ramen and definitely worth the price. .
Char Siu Taitaki
The char siu was too sweet for me. Missing an tanginess to balance the fatty char siu. But it is an interesting concept.

despite the cloudy, rainy weather these few days, i find myself craving the cold yuzu ramen from @sumobarhappy. slippery sashimi (maguro, otoro, salmon, hamachi, tai?), briny ikura and an onsen tamago coupled with slightly thick, chewy ramen in a cold yuzu broth. the tummy is happy but the wallet is sad (this small bowl cost $26 after gst!!)

Order Sumo ramen ($23) with 4 signature ingredients and short rib & char siew tsukamen ($19). The short rib is very tender and soft but lack of taste. Char siew us good - but could be better if it is a thicker cut one. I found tsukamen is better for myself as the broth for ramen is too strong for me.

The charsiew was tender and well seasoned. Drizzle the egg and truffle soy on top of the dish and enjoy! You'll probably need to order a side to be full. The Yuzu pepper chicken skin chips featured at the back were just ok. This place is worth a visit but make sure you go early or have a reservation because it gets filled up real fast around dinner time!

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