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I know of many people who loves aburied salmon, and this is one that's amped up with Japanese uni. Using Scottish salmon with housemade barley miso, this is served over a pair of sumo style rice wrapped in toasted seaweed.

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Once again, we went back to Sumo Bar Happy after visiting @nantheless and Baby H. And having lunch with Nan at her restaurant means we get the best recommendation on what she thinks I'll like best!
We tried a couple of their sushi, and this was the winner of the lot. The shima aji sashimi was seasoned with delicately-truffled nikiri with housemade barley miso. Served over their signature sumo style sushi rice wrapped in toasted seaweed. And only $5 each!


Most orgasmic meal in a while. This beast has roast oxtail, braised tendon, sauteed beef slices and roast short ribs. Don't forget Sumo Bar Happy has free-flow onsen eggs. I got lost in the bowl.


$12 a bowl, thick cut soft tender premium salmon sitting on ice. Yummy!


Roasted Soy and Brown Butter Taiyaki Buns, Butter-Poached Lobster Tail, Lobster Koji Butter, Pickled Onions, Japanese Mustard Greens. Wanted to try the Taiyaki sliders for a while; blew a bit of cash for this one (it costs $26++; pricier than our choice of main). While the Taiyaki Buns were a tad off being a little soft and limp (which resulted in the sliders to become a tad flimsy), lacking crispness up to the tail of the “fish”, we were glad the chunky lobster tail were fresh and carried the natural sweetness of crustaceans with a bite. The Lobster Koji Butter is also exceptional; provides the umami sensation that packs a punch. Could have been really perfect; just probably needs some work when it comes to the textural aspects of the Taiyaki bun.


During Happy Hours, they come in pairs (price $5 a pair).
Spicy Miso Char Siew Sushi: Spicy miso charred braised Nagano pork belly and chives on fluffy Japanese rice.
Spicy Salmon Sushi: Chopped salmon, yuzu chilli, barley miso, chives and kelp on fluffy Japanese rice.
Shima Aji Tataki Sushi: Chopped shima aji, Japanese leeks, ponzu and shiso leaf on fluffy Japanese rice.
Spicy Tuna Sushi: Chopped tuna, sumo chilli, barley miso, chives and kelp on fluffy Japanese rice.
Colourful spread, brings a smile and be Happy!


Shatteringly crisp and explosive with flavour, this outrageously delish creation of deepfried nori-wrapped chicken skin chips coated in yuzu and pepper spices is a must-order (price: $10). The accompanying dip more than holds its own with chives and shio kombu mixed into sour cream. My friends and I couldn’t stop raving as we chomped on the pieces non-stop.
The Kyoho Sour cocktail ($16) was my choice of poison that evening and it paired very well with this. But then again, I can’t imagine what wouldn’t.

This is an excellent appetizer, and it's one of the two starters I always order (the other being the heirloom tomatoes).
These romaine lettuces are char grilled before drizzling with sudachi (a type of Japanese citrus) vinaigrette. It's refreshing on its own, but even better when mixed with the sous vide confit egg yolk that came with their house blend of truffle soy oil.


Taking okonomiyaki to the next level.

Sumo Bar Happy lobster okonomiyaki is what dreams are made of. Oozing out of those thick chunks of Boston lobster tail with every bite is the koji butter which brings out a delicate sweetness of the crustacean.

The cabbage and pickled onion pancake is also very much of the star of the dish as the texture remains even with all that okonomiyaki and butter sauce drizzled on it.


You know I'm a regular at Sumo Bar Happy, and one of the dishes I always order is this deceptively simple tomatoes.
This was served refreshingly chilled, while the white balsamic and ginger vinegarette totally whets your appetite for the main courses ahead. There's shio konbu here, but you may also add a little salt that's served on the side.
This photo was taken a few months back, so presentation might have changed. But these heirloom tomatoes have always been consistent good.


This is definitely the most sinful and heavily ramen I ever tasted. The bowl of ramen literally filled with beef meats. So be prepare if you want to try this as you can be very full after the meal. Of course the satisfaction level for this is high for me. $30

Now this is one special unagi, one that is glazed in char siew glaze instead of the typical tare (sweet thickened soy) sauce found elsewhere.
How does that sound to you? I tried it and I liked it. The unagi was steamed, so it was very soft. The char siew wasnt too sweet either, and somehow it has a faint smoky smell to it even though this unagi was steamed and not grilled.
So glad to have tried this new creation, and thankful to Nan for asking me down to try it.

Felt that most of their food were either very rich or strong in flavours, which would of cos appeal to the masses.
This Sumo Ramen had many beef toppings stuffed into the bowl, including a huge section of an oxtail. Its Tonkotsu broth was very thick and rich, and inevitably salty. Pleasure from its richness soon drained away as it became too jelak.
We also tried their Lobster Taiyaki sliders which didn’t impress, other than chunks of lobster meat sandwiched in lumpy pancakes.
Comparatively, we were only happy with the yuzu pepper crispy chicken skin and Sake Sour (grapefruit) and Kyoho Sour cocktails. But when the bill came, the short-lived happiness faded again.

Mini Char Siew Unagi Don ($18)
It’s great to know that @SumoBarHappy take such pride in the constant need to create unique dishes not found at other similar joints. The unagi here is first steam to produce that soft and moist texture before being glazed and grilled with a char siew sauce as a replacement to the usual black and sweet unagi sauce. The result is a sort of oriental taste to an otherwise very typical japanese delicacy. Loved the freshness of the unagi without having to queue and pay for Man Man but I would also loved for a stronger char on the unagi to get that caramelization common to pork char siew.


Been back recently? If you haven’t, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the expanded menu and three new soup bases for their ramen!

My favourite out of the new flavours was easily the Spicy Miso (+$2.50). A rich but not too thick broth consisting of their own special house-blend of spices and miso that had my tongue tingling with each spoon. And of course, their amazing variety of meats (oxtail, tendon, short rib, char siew) and not forgetting the free-flow ramen eggs! Ah, if only they were open while I was still schooling in SMU...


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