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Double Waffles with Dark Chocolate Ferrero Ice Cream, served with torched homemade caramel marshmallows.
Location: Sunday Folks, 44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-52, Singapore 278116
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Earl grey lavender is still my favourite but this Strawberry Milk Ice Cream was pretty decent. Light and not too sweet, came with a teeny cute meringue, macerated strawberries with orange zest and mint, and I found cornflakes at the end of it. Actually liked how refreshing the strawberry topping was.

Nice cafe to chill with families or friends. Waffles n ice cream were delicious. Added almond crisps and it was heavenly! I wish they sell them in tubs!

Got the 1-1 deal for earl grey lavender ice cream and ferrero chocolate (cup) and the total bill came up to be $9.95

Great service, the waiter was really professional and thoughtful, he asked if we wanted to move in from the outside table since we just sat down and there happened to be seats indoors. The ambience is perfect for a short chat over ice cream as well!

Taste-wise, my friend disliked the lavender ice cream but I thought it was interesting and quite liked it. That's a hit or miss kind of flavour. The chocolate one does tastes like ferrer rocher ice cream though. Reliable choice for chocolate lovers.

This is one of the dessert places that I would queue for. Their waffles are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Their soft serve is separated from the waffle using a biscuit. I think it’s brilliant as it doesn’t melt the waffles that quickly. The earl grey lavender is fragrant and not too sweet. I would definitely come again!
Taste: 4.5/5⭐️
Value: 4/5⭐️

Single? Made it double! The waffles were light and crispy and soft on the inside; and topped with a tall swirl of chocolate soft serve. Served with their selection of handcrafted toppings, I picked 3 toppings (adding to a total of $16) for an added sweetness and crunch - maple syrup, toasted caramel marshmallows and almond thins. Definitely hitting a sweet spot and loving it!

A premium blend of French cream and the ripest, juiciest strawberries to craft an all-natural strawberry milk that's bursting with flavour and creaminess. Served with freshly piped sweet meringue made by hand & macerated strawberries with orange zest and mint. If you are looking at something lighter in flavour then probably give this a try. The flavour is smooth and light yet not overly creamy 》$8.50

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Stumbled upon this place in Holland village and really love the freshness of their softserve served with toppings honeycomb seasalt and gulamelaka mochi!!!

Really light and nice, not too sweet :)
Contains cornflakes below. Quite crowded so better to reserve before coming! If you don't need a lot of ice cream, better to share between 2!

i decided to come here to try after seeing many reviews from my friends 😊 i really loved the honeycomb at the side which was sweet and complemented the ice cream waffles well! however, the earl gray & lavendar taste was not as intense as i would have preferred it to be and this is more for people looking for a lighter taste~ i recommend pistachio for a stronger taste (~$16.40)

I always come back just to have that swirly ice cream atop the square waffles. Best to come during the off peak of the late afternoon.

Double waffle with dark choc sea salt honeycomb and raspberry honeycomb.

Dark chocolate ferrero taste like milo or some cheapo chocolate soft serve - milky and not as chocolately as expected. Waffles were crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Honeycombs were meh. The rest of the toppings didn’t look that interesting too ie marshmallow, lotus biscuits, strawberry etc. Didn’t like that I have to pay for toppings I don’t even want.

I’d rather go Creamier for waffles.

This was a refreshing drink, perfect for a hot day. I personally thought it was a little bit overpriced for what the drink actually is but I guess it’s a typical atas cafe price. We had the drink outside on a sunny afternoon so the ice melted really quickly and the drink became diluted after a few minutes :(

This is quite a popular spot so be prepared to wait for a bit to be seated!

The soft serve was not too sweet and the Earl Grey fragrance was just nice - it was very enjoyable. Texture was smooth and creamy too, just a pity that it melted so fast, especially since we took the outside seats.

This is definitely on the pricey side for what you get (literally just a cup of soft serve for $8.50) but at least it’s good. Would come back maybe once in awhile if I’m around the area but honestly it’s not thaaat special or worth it imo.

This is quite a popular spot so be prepared to wait a little to be seated!

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Chuffles (6pc) - $7
Classic waffles taking the form of churros, deep fried to crisp and dusted with cinnamon sugar for the classic churro taste. Added lemon creme for $2. There’s also chocolate or salted caramel dips to pick from. Ice cream sold separately
Sunday Folks

Major love for the waffles here as per usual and wished that the soft serve wouldn’t melt so easily. Toppings chosen were almond thins, strawberries and sea salt chocolate honeycomb. If you love sweets, go for them! But I felt that they were too sweet for my liking, especially with the ice cream [3.5/5.0]

Was looking for a light dessert after a heavy meal and this was great! Plus it came warm! A very well balanced cake that’s not too sweet nor sour. Highly recommend! [$8++]

ice cream was really good with strong tea notes, one of the best lavender ice creams i’ve tasted. pricier than your average waffle ice cream but worth a try!

Best place for ice cream and waffles - had the favourite earl grey ice cream with and extra waffle added on!! The only small difficulty was trying to move the ice cream out so I could reach the waffle but otherwise beautiful and tasty piece of art

Earl grey lavender waffle:
The belgian waffle was crispy and freshly made. The earl grey lavender soft serve was also very yummy. It was very smooth and silky which is what soft serve ice cream should be like! Highly recommended for waffles and ice cream lovers! Not disappointing👍🏽

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Oreo cheesecake:
The cheesecake was p good and flavourful too! The texture of the cake was perfect and the layer of Oreo cookies at the base made it even better! Definitely something to give it a try at least once imo!

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Overall, Sunday folks has really great ambience and good desserts! Would recommend to give it a try! I would definitely go back again! ☺️

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