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From the Burpple community

Didn't really like the pineapple fried rice (it had a slightly bitter after taste) and there were only 3 small pieces of pineapple in it?! But really enjoyed the Lei Cha which had very fresh, yummy vegetables in it. Would be back again to try their sushi sometime


when you cny feast too much, you lei cha. little oil or if not no oil at all with sweet notes in the rice mix throughout. and the tea behind, they meant business when they say detox.


The thunder tea looks really murky here. But really, full of anti oxidants! Strong matcha and mint flavours. I like how the ingredients are not overly oily, like how some thunder tea rice can be(defeating the whole purpose). Although I don't quite like the mock Ikan billis, I must say this was really therapeutic for my headache!


"i will not even once go near to a lei cha", i swore i said that to myself once. i officially swallow my words now with yet another spoon of optimally lei cha soggified cooked brown rice. lol.

since my insatiable quest for the ultimate lei cha started after a bowl at NTU, i think i found the next contender at sunny.
but i may be biased here. you see, am never big on dried shrimps or anchovies in lei cha as the strong taste in character somewhat dominates the dish. done well and right amount, tossing it in to compliment the astringent taste of the melage of veg and herby soup was still bearable. so can you imagine the fireworks on my head when this true blue vegetarian bowl does not come with the two! in place of them are twig-like fried savory crackling bits which are actually fried mushroom stems! and look cashews instead of peanuts! awweesoommiiccc

at $8.50 a natural sweet bowl of heaven (it really tasted sweet to me alright), this is the most expensive i come across. but hey bet you did not think twice paying that for your fast-food meal right, so what gives.

Vegetarian thunder rice with Brown rice and many nuts

Very healthy and tasty soup $8.50