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[CLOSED] Sunset Bay

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Sunset Bay is synonymous with a vibrant beach culture that started on the resort island of Sentosa in 1995, with the setting up of Singapore’s first public beach bar. Following the success of our 12-year stint, Sunset Bay re-located to the mainland in 2007 with a revamped “beach garden” concept. This unique blend of flora, fauna and sea enhances the enjoyment of a relaxed and chill-out ambience, for an almost nostalgic look at when life was laid-back and carefree. The cosy family-themed food & beverage outlet combines friendly owner-operators and quality service standards and creates a “relax in style” atmosphere.


From the Burpple community

I've been patronising this humble little Eurasian bistro for a few years now, and oddly never written about it. It occupies a small hut-like space in a super ulu spot of the already ulu east coast park. This simple dish of Devil's Chicken Curry is one of my must-orders on every dish. Ironically Devil's Curry isn't actually devil-ishly spicy; instead, the aromatic curry is very tame and perfect for those afraid of that heat. The delish curry comes with huge pieces of tender chicken, as well as some sausages and potatoes. Lovely eaten with the fluffy toasted baguette.


Thick Cheese coated with minced beef, topped over nicely baked fries.

Thick mashed potato topping with cheese grilled on top. Stuffed with beef and mixed vegetables.

Crispy crusted pizza with hot potato wedges on a lovely evening, with handmade bouquet of white/green flowers.


Tender & melts in the mouth... Accompanied by puja or bread... A fantastic dinner by Chef Paul!

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Grilled to a perfect medium... At a hearty 230gm of beefy goodness... It's the perfect dinner highlight!! Delish!!