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From the Burpple community

You’ll have to order by pointing (we do that for chai png all the time anyway) at the 3 items they have for sale at @don8uri.

If you take quinoa like we sometimes do, their version is pre-rinsed. Rinsed at the farmers side, the Wife asked if it’s another added process, they said it’s not a chemical process. This lady brings in things from Tasmania. They have a subscription service too, if you eat it very often. Visit them to find out.

If you need to get your Chinese New Year goodies all at one place, Suntec City @sunteccity Robinsons Chinese New Year Fair.

At the East Atrium from now till 3rd of Feb 2019.

Find out what they have to offer:

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To pledge your support for our friends with special needs Together, we build a more heartwarming society.
27 October 2018 (Saturday)
3PM – 7PM
Suntec Plaza
(outdoor plaza between Tower 1 and 5) & North Atrium
So hurry down now to show them lotsa lotsa of love 😍😍😍

Moist buttery heaven

For those of us who love matcha and scones ,
Why not a matcha scone ?

This new kiosk at Suntec City mall which does coffee and pastries ( situated near rive gauche ) does up a pretty good matcha scone. Seems like a collaboration between Giant supermarket and a coffee brand .

Skip the other pastries (which look like they are from giant..... )and just dig in to their scones ( which look so home made ... likely from a good baker ).

These scones are crisp on the outside and so moist and buttery inside with bursts of matcha and orange flavour.

Ask for your scones to be toasted πŸ₯ and enjoy it with a cup of freshly brewed coffee .

These are from the Suntec City @sunteccity East Atrium for the Robinsons Mid-Autumn Fair, which gathers some of the top Mooncake brands including The Peninsula Boutique, The Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, and Peony Jade @ Keppel Club.
Great for those looking for HALAL Mooncakes as well. .
Robinsons Mid-Autumn Fair
Date: Now till 23 Sep
Venue: Suntec City East Atrium (Near Promenade MRT)