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From the Burpple community

I'm a pasta snob. I get it. Underseasoned pasta, not al dente, you didn't twirl the pasta, you didn't do a pan tossing motion, your pasta isn't shining like the sun in Teletubbies. Yes I'm a pasta snob.

JoshiJosh Kantin is a new food court, booth (1 week old at the time of writing) , place thing in Sunway University's New Building Cafeteria. Then again, it is of legend spoken by many that cafeteria food is never delicious. But as JoshiJosh Kantin was opened by someone who my brother says "makes the best aglio olio", hell I needed to try it!

Before I even get into the food, let's talk about something not food. It took me a 25 minute wait for my pasta. Nevermind it was served on a metal plate that is hot if you don't bring it to your table fast enough. It took me a 25 minute wait.

The Thai Basil Olio (RM 8 - promotion price), granted was not made by the man himself, and is cheap, while doesn't call for much, I didn't expect basics to go out the window.

Overcooked pasta, overdosed pepper, and basil? Maybe it's still in Thailand.

While it might be that it's only RM 8 and I shouldn't expect much, I was at least expecting bare basics. Even if it wasn't cooked by the man himself I expected a sort of recipe or guide to follow.

Let's not even talk about how I think their menu is waaaayyyy too big and extensive for such a small kitchen, how disorganized they looked and how while my number was 63, I watched a number 78 order walk past me.

So JoshiJosh, the name might be cute, but lettig a lady wait 25 minutes for a subpar pasta is not.