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From the Burpple community

Crunchy winged bean salad with prawns and boiled eggs. This was a lovely spicy salad with so many different textures - soft gooey egg, crunchy beans, springy prawns and a nutty chili paste to round it all off. One of our favorites of the night.

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Decided to try something more interesting and this was definitely something a bit more out of left field. This was a spicy dip of sea water crab roe and crab meat served with fresh vegetables. The salty, rich dip was complex and the slightly bitter veggies were a great accompaniment.

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The panna cotta was so rich in its Thai tea taste that it will definitely satisfy all Thai tea lovers. It comes with a condensed milk (we found it slightly watered down) on the side. Sweet above something already sweet! This is how the Thais do it.


So full of flavor, spice and punch on the first mouthful. Thankfully, the amount of heat is not as apparent as we had more of it. We gradually found it to be extremely milky and smooth for easy drinking!


I love this dish served by a Thai restaurant in Singapore so this was a definite order for me! However, the suki sauce here had a nutty taste which I didn't quite enjoy! To each it's own I guess. The serving sauce was huge so it's really worth it!


No idea what's up with the name, but this fried medium-boiled eggs with a generous serving of three flavor sauce & fried shallots is a simple dish that hits the spot!

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