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From the Burpple community

Tried a sample cup of this a long time back before the new yogurt drink shops opened. Remembered it to be pretty good, but this time it was a little too icy and sweet with a less distinct yogurt taste. Portion of purple rice was quite generous though!

📍Super Dream 超级梦想

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Super Dream is a new take on the bubble tea craze. Instead of using regular ol' milk tea and pearls, Super Dream reinvents the wheel with yoghurt and purple rice.

This might sound like a weird combination, but once you take a gulp of the drink you'll understand what I mean by great. I got Vanilla Yoghurt with purple rice and the drink was refreshing and soft like a smoothie. The tanginess of yoghurt together with the chewy texture (akin to mochi) of purple rice was divine. My only small gripe would be that the drink cost a pretty penny of $3.90 but that won't stop me from getting my new favourite drink!

Note: This Super Dream is from their toa payoh outlet but I've been told it is moving to Chinatown. They also have a Bugis outlet so do go there if you want to give it a try!