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From the Burpple community

This visually unappealing dish is as it is.. non descript, overpriced and far too simple to pass off as a meat pao.
The duck although done perfectly had its crispy skin taken off and replaced by a salty crispy breaded coating whose taste was reminiscent of chicken in a biscuit. Four measly slices of cucumber were meant to be inserted into the pao and the dipping sauce tasted like ketchup.
Added salt to the wound was a hefty $29.
If you’ve had peking duck or stewed pork belly pao please continue that tradition and skip this dish.
Meh index: 4/5

Supernormal is a japanese inspired asian restaurant thst serves up dishes with a twist.
Featured here is a beautifully roasted soft tender lamb with a delicious charred surface marinated in a sauce you’d want to mop up with the flat sesame bread provided.
Umami factor was the mint sauce and the generous portion that would certainly make this a must-have if you come by this restaurant for a meal.
$39.. priced right imho

The one dish that met our expectations was the really tender quail which was well-executed & with a nice spice from fermented chilli. The #lobsterroll was disappointing given that it’s super tiny a portion for a hefty price and nothing spectacular in flavour. The #flathead fish had an amazing sauce of shainghainese wine and nettle but the fish was slightly over cooked
📍@Supernormal_Natsu, 180 Flinders Lane

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They are meatball skewers grilled over charcoal. We coated it with the tare with egg yolk sauce to complete the absolutely robust flavours.

Chicken tsukune, tare and egg yolk AUD7.00 each

Here's our New England Lobster Roll AUD16, this mini roll wasn't very supernormal though. Duck Bao AUD26 on the other hand was awesome, crispy duck skin which gives that fall off from the bone texture.


I did not know what to expect from the minimalist description in the menu but boy did I get excited when I saw that it was beef tartare atop a bed of creamy mayo! Every carefully considered ingredient enhanced what was obviously designed to be a veritable umami bomb of a dish; the smoky, intense flavour of beef with cornichons running through the fine dice, crispy fried mustard leaf topped with deepfried scallions, the thin rings of sweet pickled onion, and that velvety luscious mayo with a hint of sweet brininess of clam.