277 Orchard Road
#02-13/14 Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858

12:00pm - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 03:00pm
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12:00pm - 03:00pm
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12:00pm - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:30pm



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back here again after a week as wanted to try their other food ๐Ÿ˜‹ Always a sucker for anything truffle really, haha ๐Ÿ™Š Their garlic truffle fries were not bad but kinda preferred their truffle sweet potato fries instead as it was tastier. Truffle & egg pizza was yummy - the thin crust was warm and crisp with the runny egg yolk in the middle and strongly fragrant truffle paste. Pesto cremoso pasta was tasty with the spaghetti done al dente; plus the shrimps were fresh and succulent.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

casual italian dining with great food and nice ambience. service was a little slow and they forgot to serve our drinks, however the taste of their food made up for it and we left with very happy and satisfied tummies. will be back to try their other food as they have a really great variety to choose from and their pastas also come in tasting portions instead of full portions for those of you who want to order more varieties of food instead. what a brillant idea if u ask me ๐Ÿ˜„

๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿ•The best of both worlds come in one plate. Who wouldn't be happy to swallow two happiness at a time? ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคค
#burpple #MRร‚Dร„ #Rร‚Dร„ + A

The the cozy and dramatic ambiance of the restaurant is admirable. However, when we opened the menu, it's a bit intimidating to read Italian terms that are quite difficult to read! HAHA. So, what we did? Just point at the menu lor! ๐Ÿ˜‚

PS To be safe, we chose those with "chef's choice" symbol! ๐Ÿ˜‰
#burpple #MRร‚Dร„ #Rร‚Dร„ + A

Crispy wings slathered with a generous amount of sweet and savory salted egg sauce and tossed with crispy curry leaves. Perfect with a beer, if that's your sorta thing cause it ain't mineee haha

A good place to have brunch. The set lunch is really cheap. 16+SGD include one starter and one main course.

Loving the mix of cheese & tomatos lately. The ricotta puree was light & creamy, paired with the sundried tomatoes and freshly toasted Brioche. Heaven!

it was so darn good! The oozy egg yolk, savory/sweetish ham & tangy tomato sauce.

Thick cut Fries are my favourite! Add truffle and garlic and this was heaven!

The salted egg yolk chicken drumettes ($12) and the chorizo e rucola pasta ($20 for a full serving) are both thoroughly enjoyable, as is the potent tiramisu ($14) โ€“ though I prefer the cutely named Misadventures in a Jar ($16) which I had on a previous visit. What needs some improvement, though, is the service โ€“ the wait staff could have been a little more attentive. And while the selection of teas is impressive, the way the tea is infused in the teapot doesn't seem to work very well โ€“ which is evident from the light colour of what is supposed to be black tea. #BurppleXChope

Ordered my usual favourite Tartufo E Funghi again and shared a side of sweet potato fries. Fries were pretty good; slightly charred with a subtle burnt taste and tasted great with the chilli sauce dip. And these fries are thinly cut (unlike the truffle one) so find myself munching on them non-stop. ๐ŸŸ

not to my liking, will not come back for this again :(

The salted egg yolk sauce that went with the fries was really good. It had a nice balance between the sweet and savory. Unfortunately the chorizo sausages were a little out of place and did not go well with the sauce. Still worth a try though!

Main dish priced at 14$ for the tasting plate and side dish priced at 17$.

This is by far the first time I've tasted such a good plate of truffle fries. It's like every single wedge is being infuse with the truffle oil!! Though the portion isn't rly big for such a high price but it's worth the price and a dish I would come back for.

However I didn't rly fancy the carbonara for I found the bacon a little too overwhelming. I personally feel that the tasting portion is more than enough if you're having other main dishes / sides :-)

The truffle taste was way too subtle and there wasn't even a hint of garlic, only a huge garlic served with the fries for deco perhaps? I've had better truffle fries.

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