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From the Burpple community

This was first taken during Chef Akane's kaiseki dinner conducted at Sushi Kimura. But her own restaurant is opening soon, so keep a lookout for good news coming our way soon!
Pictured is Japanese fig with Shine Muscat and Tofu Sauce. The thick, rich texture with strong flavours from fig, was balanced by grapes to lighten the consistency.
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And finally, this glorious dish which will occupy my foodie daydreams in the next few days. Watching the chef prepare it was magical as well; he whisked together organic eggs, ikura and a generous helping of uni together in a large bowl. Then scooped it over rice and crowned it with a bit of negitoro and wasabi.

How to describe the umami that exploded in my mouth in that first bite. The creaminess from the uni and then the richness of the egg yolks, with the ikura popping in my mouth and the rice absorbing all that goodness. I just leaned back and took it all in. And then there's the slight whiff of melt-in-your-mouth tuna in the background with the wasabi just tying all the intense flavors together.

Even the portion size was perfect; although my taste buds were screaming with pleasure any more would have been too jelak.

This is a freakishly large piece of scallop. It was also freakishly good. The hotate was grilled over charcoal, and then lightly smeared with soy sauce and tucked into a piece of nori and handed to me by the friendly Japanese chef piping hot.

Its so delightfully sweet, succulent and tender. It was a bit too hot at first, steaming at first bite, but it was a lovely showcase of the quality of Japanese seafood. I couldn't discern any seasoning besides the soy sauce on the scallop; and it didn't need it, so flavorful and perfect it was on its own. Even the nori played a part as a contrasting crunchy vessel in this symphony of deliciousness.

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Otoro is fatty tuna belly and is considered the prized part of a tuna. At Sushi Kimura this classic cut is served slightly seared in an interesting manner; charcoal pieces were held over the sashimi rather than using a blowtorch which one is accustomed to seeing. It was served in a very traditional way, with a smear of soy sauce.

I could see the fat on the tuna still bubbling as the sushi was set in front of me. And it was so good. It just dissolved in my mouth without me even have to chew. The fish itself is so rich and fatty, and even the rice was perfectly moulded such that it fell apart in my mouth effortlessly.

This was just loaded, I mean chock-full, of the creamiest Bafun uni. I didn't even get to eat this quality of uni in Japan. It was so sweet, so savory and exploding with umami.

And the ratio of rice to uni is just perfect. Each bite provided a perfect proportion of crunchy nori, creamy uni and chewy vinegared rice. There was also a little bit of wasabi along the length of the handroll, just enough to balance out the savoriness of the uni.

Towards the end of the roll, the uni started spilling out of the ends and was tactfully caught in another fold of nori. So good.

This is the freshest piece of ika I've ever eaten. Like this is certainly not your average chewy piece of rubber. The ika had the most beautiful pearly white sheen and was nestled atop of perfectly seasoned rice. It was slightly crunchy and firm, the freshest, most perfect texture I've ever put in my mouth.

The cherry on the cake was that tiny dash of sesame seeds on top for that slightly nutty flavor, which went perfectly with the ika's mild, sweet flavor. And of course that perfectly portioned smear of wasabi under the ika.