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Hidden gem sushi place! Located nearby Pasar Ikan (Fish Market), in a super ulu place. Yet the
3-floor-building is very modernly designed, similar concept to Taipei’s Addiction Aquatic Development.

The first floor is seafood supermarket, while the second floor is dessert shop. The restaurant is located on the third floor, having the capacity around 12 people on the counter and 200 normal seats. Please call the restaurant to make a reservation as it gets crowded easily, especially during dinner time and weekends.

Recommended Dish
1. Kabuto Beef ($9) - beef with special sauce with 1 nigiri rice. Must try.
2. Salmon Mentai Aburi Sushi ($2 for 1 piece) - thick salmon with generous mentai. Oishii!

Another good thing is ocha is free & no service charge

Sushi Masa, one of my favorite Japanese restaurant! Although there not a lot of options on the menu (not much fusion sushi) but their authentic sushi are just mouthwatering. In addition to that, their seafood are so fresh. Their restaurant is sort of hidden, however it's always crowded. Make sure you make reservation!

This is still alive, i dont have the courage to eat this 😣


No more hustle to eat.. This sanma i boneless and they do it in front of you..


Hogikai, akaebi, snow ceab an hotate the most value for money sushi place.

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The right sushi chef will use the right sashimi knife, forge the same way as samurai katana was made. Cost you US$ 1000 each

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