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[CLOSED] Sushi On Wheelz

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Inspired by Japanese Street popular delights, Sushi on Wheelz was birthed especially to cater for those seeking convenience, and unique delectable Japanese favourites with a twist. Appealing to the young and old, Sushi on Wheelz evokes the child in us to emerge by serving up an array of fun filled Japanese street food made with delicious quality ingredients. Be spoiled for choice with our hot favourites such as Oden, Mochi and our signature Moffles. Drop by today, and enter a fantasy realm where high street food infused with fancy fusion flavours is freshly served for people on the go.


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Although it doesn't show much, this mochi was grilled on a waffle maker, making it slightly crispy on the outside before getting delightfully chewy on the inside. I like how this wasn't sweetened to death, which let the bitter matcha powder to light through, and the sweetened red bean did just enough to add an edge. I was hoping for actual matcha Mochi, but it's just the Flavours they add as toppings.


A fizzy & sour drink that's bound to perk you up this mid-week!
Pair it with a half roll or full roll Makizushi & you'd definitely feel satisfied.
This was a hosted meal.


Want something cooling? Sushi on Wheelz came up with 4 different flavours which cost $2.80 each!
Sushi on Wheelz is a place that is convenient place to pack your food back to office or home. They have different variety of food that you can choose from, head down to their outlet at Citylink Mall to give it a try!
A very big thank you to @sushionwheelz for the generous hosting and @alhsx for inviting me along! 😁
Happy Monday!
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Is huge n costly. Though this ebi makizushi does give a unique taste from the sauce 😋 Give it a try 😉

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How about something more nutritious & equally as quick? Sushi on Wheelz has an array of Makizushi which are hand rolls jam packed with kids of ingredients! Like the one in hand is the Flamin' Mambo Makizushi ($6 for half a roll, $8.50 for a full roll) which contains spicy salmon, tamago, green coral, carrot, white cabbage & topped with mayo & tongarashi!
Conveniently located at Citylink Mall, just a few steps away from the MRT exit, you've got yourself a quick, simple & extremely satisfying roll in hand.
Special thanks to @sushionwheelz for inviting & hosting us! & @soundoflondon for being so accommodating! 😁


This is my top favorite from @sushionwheelz! It costs $7 for half roll and $9.50 for a full roll!
Sushi on Wheelz has a creative mind by setting up as a take-away place that is very convenient for people who is rushing to get their lunch done in a quick move! They have different variety of food to choose from, why don't you head down to their outlet at Citylink Mall?
A very big thank you to @sushionwheelz for the generous hosting and @alhsx for inviting me along! 😁
Happy Wednesday!
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