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Sushi Tei (Raffles City)

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Since our humble beginnings in 1994 with our very first restaurant in Holland Village, Sushi Tei has grown over the past 23 years as a renowned Japanese restaurant chain with more than 69 outlets in 7 countries including Singapore, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam. Our thoughtfully curated menu showcases the classics that the expansive Japanese cuisine has to offer, marrying the intricacies of Sashimi & Sushi to the theatrical flair of Yakimono & Nabemono. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest quality ingredients to deliver bold and exciting versions of classic dishes with an innate intuition of local tastes; with more than 370 dishes featured in our menu, there will definitely be something for everyone.


From the Burpple community

Pan fried Japanese pork belly with sweet sauce on rice》$10.50

I ordered this after trying the Kagoshima pork belly sushi previously that made me crave for it again. This time round I got the don which was more worth the price tag. Instead of having a whole long slice of pork belly on their sushi, the don comes with smaller pieces of meat and onions. It was still as good especially with their sweet sauce on plain rice. Craving satisfied! 😊 I'm just wondering if they have the option to swap my plain rice for sushi rice? Maybe I should try that next time 🤔

Quite an interesting and refreshing combination of crunchy burdock and carrots.

Sushi Tel has remained a reliable place for “ local” Japanese food .

Standards haven’t dropped neither have they improved .

Was hoping for more flavour in the rice or a better quality of Japanese rice used .

The dish that I’ll always order when I’m at Sushi Tei. Great value!

Look at that beef!! 😍 This is part of their 25th Jubilee special menu. The Miyazaki beef was pan-fried, and was topped with a soft onsen egg! The beef just melts in your mouth and the fat-to-meat ratio was perfect. Love love this

This is part of Sushi Tei’s 25th Jubilee menu. This is a soft shell crab roll topped with fish roe and mentaiko sauce!! The soft shell crab was really substantial and I love how it has that burnt, crispy taste! The mentaiko sauce also complemented the sushi roll really well! Pity this is not on their permanent menu

This came piping hot! The eggs were silky smooth and the unagi was very meaty and tender! Really flavourful as well 😊 Quite a decent meal for this price!