301 Upper Thomson Road
#01-22/30 Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408

11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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Finally got to try this after so long! 🐟

Just look at the amount of sashimi on that bowl. Taste wise, salmon sashimi slices were fresh, spicy salmon sauce could be spicier and the tuna is my least favourite.

All in all its quite value for money though not the best salmon don I've had. If you're around the area, it's definitely worth shot but be prepared to queue! And also note that their last order is 2.15pm and they'll be closed till dinner time.

Finally trying out the super hyped Sushiro! We arrived at about 11.15am on a Sunday and were the first in line. The queue built up very quickly behind us so you really gotta be early! The mount chirashi priced at 28 really is a mountain but the rice underneath the fish was a mountain too 🌚 nonetheless the generous pieces of raw fish were seasoned well and it was an enjoyable bowl. The sushi were really good too.

Decent sushi, particularly the salmon aburi with mentaiko ($4.80++ for 2), but I’ve also had better ones at the same price point elsewhere. My foodie buddy liked that the fish was much longer than the rice. Tucked away in a shopping mall in Thomson, there was a modest snaking queue when we arrived there for a Saturday lunch. Granted, the chirashi don was pretty good value for its price point. But I don’t see myself coming back just for the chirashi don ($12.80++) due to the location and the air-conditioning was not functioning very well. Service was passable.

Fresh sashimi atop rice with a lot of sesame that gives an additional pop of flavor
⚠️ The long weekend queues have eased and although the queue outside started around 11.30, there were 5+ empty seats at opening time so no fear about having to wait long for seats 👍🏼
📍@sushirosingapore, Thompson Plaza #01-22/30, 301 Upper Thompson Road S574408

Bara-Chirashi Don ·
Same amount of assortment seafood cubes on sushi rice but this time round with the special markdown, it’s only $10. Until 22 Feb only. Ordered their full block of Tamago at $10 only too! Shiok shiok! Salmon Belly Teriyaki is a must order no matter how full you are! Awesome meal as always

Beef bowls are commonly found in the streets of Japan, just as McDonald’s restaurants are in Singapore. However, the Tokyo Gyuniku Don (S$12.80) is marked as Sushiro’s signature comfort food, recommended for those who prefer a cooked meal.

I like this one for the simple reason that the rice and beef were in a reasonable proportion, and that the beef were so thinly sliced that little effort is required to really chew the meat. While the lean part of the beef may still turn out a little dry, I felt the sweet sauce and the egg maintained the overall balance of the beef bowl.

Wishing for Sushiro to defend their placing in Burpple’s Hot 100 every year, so that they can do more markdowns like what they just did on 21 and 22 March 2018. I wonder what new menu they will feed us with in the near future, but it should be good anyway.

Buuuuut, you can get this bowl for only $10 today because they’re celebrating that they’re in Burpple’s Hot 100 2018! My visit has been long overdue but I’m glad that I can finaaaaally tick this off my wishlist. ✅

It’s really easy to understand why they’re so popular. Fresh fish, marinade that’s not too salty (lotsa sesame flavours too) and a good variety of seafood makes this a super value-for-money choice. Tonight’s your last chance if you want in on the offer but it’s not much more expensive even on non-offer days.

The anniversary celebration specials instigated my first visit ever to Sushiro. And the “Tokyo Gyuniku Don” was my pick from their list of $10 items.
To me, this bowl of heartiness tasted just like the one at Yoshinoya, the popular Japanese chain for yakiniku don. And that is not a criticism in any shape or form because I genuinely like Yoshinoya’s beef bowl. Of course there are differences. The portion of thinly-sliced beef here is bigger and there’s a perfect onsen egg perched in the middle of all that meat.
I decided to turn it into a set meal by adding $3 for a salad and bowl of miso soup. Pretty worth it in my opinion.


Sushiro has been the place sitting at the top of my wishlist for the longest time and I’m so glad I finally got to go down and try the food there 😚 Located at a pretty secluded mall, Thomson Plaza, which is a slow 15mins walk from Marymount MRT, there was a pretty long queue behind us at around 6:30pm in the evening so do go down early to avoid the queue 💯 Sushiro’s setting is small and confined and there were really little seats (which explains the queue) but I absolutely loved the environment and bustling atmosphere!
It’s no surprise that I ordered the Bara Chirashi Don, which is a hot favorite at Sushiro. I loved the freshness of the seafood and the generous portion of seafood given, which is definitely a bang for $12.80! I ate a piece of seafood with a scoop of rice and all the way up till the end, I still had enough seafood to go around! 💕
📍: Sushiro
🕑: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm
Today is the LAST day of their markdown promotion, of which some of the hot favorite items, like the Bara Chirashi Don, is only selling at $10 so hurry down to Sushiro today!!

Sushiro is a place that I seemingly really enjoy going back to — the new menu items added in conjunction with their second anniversary pushes the bar even more; so much so I actually ended up finding a new item that is probably going to be the go-to item when I am here.

Coming with Seafood Cubes, Spicy Salmon and Salmon Sashimi, it’s the item that was the Bara Chirashi that comes with a plus — one still gets their Bara Chirashi cravings fixed with the rather generous amount of seafood cubes that they serve up for the item (yes, the same marinated seafood cubes that are not too savoury nor too sweet; the ones I loved since the very first visit), while coming with fresh slices of salmon and that fiery spicy minced salmon that really gives a kick which is pretty lethal with the nose-pinching, brain-disabling numbness provided from the wasabi on the side. It’s the ultimate deal for those who have always though they liked Bara Chrashi with marinated fish but fussed over how it never was as spicy dish — it’s just straight-to-the-point shiok and certainly one that I will make a special visit for!

SoFISHticated. Oh thank you, thank you, I know I’m the funniest man in the world, thank you.

Even though Sushiro is renowned for their chirashi dons and not their sashimi, I couldn’t quite resist the call of the sea and I found myself ordering (pictured from left to right) kajiki (swordfish), salmon belly, tako (cooked octopus), and amaebi (sweet prawn). All the fish on the plate was passably fresh and generously portioned.

However, Sushiro’s sashimi isn’t the freshest, nor is it the most value for money ‘round town. But if the raw fish cravings hit you and you’re in a pinch, you really can’t go wrong with Sushiro’s simple but satisfying sashimi.

Sushiro doesn’t just have their raw fish game on point. Their Premium Unagi Don ($23.80 nett), which sees an entire freshwater eel coated in a sweet, savory teriyaki sauce before being grilled to perfection and being laid to rest on a comfortable bed of Japanese rice, is prime proof of that claim.

The sauce is both pleasantly sweet and savory, and it serves to flavor the unagi perfectly. As for the fish itself, it has been grilled to perfection, with the outer skin evolving into a nice, slightly crispy crust, while the flesh within is still moist and splendidly succulent.

Of course, just like how there’s no rose without a thorn; there’s no Unagi without a plethora of bones. If you can deal with it, you shall surely be rewarded with some eminently delicious fish.

Its a rainy day and I rlly wanted something warm, so had this Salmon Mentaiyaki ($13.6). The amount of mentaiko sauce is just nice for the salmon and overall, it taste good, but would have appreciated if there were abit more roe in the mentaiko sauce for the crunch. Sushiro still hasn’t failed after so long!

An over-the-top (literally), colossal, red carpet event of a bara chirashi - the dish is even served with its own special placemat - and essentially what the doctor ordered if you wish to be absolutely done with marinated bara chirashi for a period of at least two months. 3.9/5

Other than that, its super affordable and great for its price. There’s a few sizes but for best fish to rice ratio, this one ($12.80) is your best bet.

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