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From the Burpple community

They said grilled salmon so I was expecting a small, thinly sliced pan fried (if not grilled) salmon atop my rice bowl, but I was served fried salmon cubes instead. With the same dry 'garlic butter rice' which did not taste like one, this was served with cucumber slices and lotsa corn. Salmon cubes was overly dry too.

This was what we were here for: their signature soufflé pancakes! While the mains were disappointing, their dessert did not. I had expected soufflé pancake and I was served soufflé pancakes. Not overly sweet, the warmly served dessert had a just right amount of sauce for every mouth of pancake you dig into. Chocolate powder and a dash of brown sugar(?) topped the fluffy, jiggly pancakes and gave extra texture to them.

Will definitely be back to try their other flavours!

Newly opened cafe beside Baskin Robbins - this aesthetically-pleasing cafe attracts youngsters and families into their cafe.

We ordered one of their rice bowls - featuring fried popcorn chicken cubes served with dry garlic butter rice & slices of cucumber. Was rather disappointed with the quality of mains though. (It said chicken cubes marinated with teriyaki sauce but we were served fried popcorn chix cubes from the freezer). The garlic butter rice was not flavourful enough, and was very dry and lacked the garlic fragrance. Cucumber slices were dried (seemed like they had left it there for quite some time). But the egg is an onsen egg! (My kind of egg cos I don't eat fully cooked yolks).

Chocolate waffled topped with chocolate ice cream and banana chunks, walnuts and milk and dark chocolate beads, drizzled with yummy chocolate sauce and maple syrup. Sinfully delightful!