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From the Burpple community

Best of boat noodles near the Victory Monument BTS. Each little bowl goes for 10baht (that's like SGD 40c) and is really tasty. The servers move at amazing speed too! Choose from many different kinds of noodles and between pork and beef.

Thai boat noodles are incredibly cheap (50 cents SGD per bowl) in Bangkok and one can just see students eating at least 10 odd bowls in one meal during dinner times! Being adventurous, we ordered random variations from the menu and we ended up with 3 bowls of different noodles having 3 different soup bases. Personally I prefer the vermicelli and the yellow noodles as I particularly liked their texture in these noodles. The abundance of fried shallots in their noodles shows how much the Thais like to give their soup the "葱油” (fried shallot) fragrance and taste! The most original boat noodles on the left was the most flavorful one and it goes really well with the fried wonton skin! The so called Tom yum taste was basically more of a mixture of chili bits and tomato sauce which wasn't particularly nice or fanciful. The odd one was the Yong tau foo flavor where the noodles appears to be pinkish red, the taste was similar to the one I previously ate at chinatown in Singapore the braised Toufu kind, however I believe that this is an acquired taste as it is not easy for us to accept. Overall the bowls all each had a tiny fishcake, a few meatballs and also some coriander and I think 5 bowls will do the trick to make one full!


Finally some boat noodles! The thicken soup has a slight herbal taste and its stronger than the one in Singapore. It's actually less spicy, you are free to add more chilli. I preferred the clear sour soup though, because it has a nice flavour when mixed with the peanuts. The amount of meat given is definitely more generous here. They have free cola and free coconut kueh desserts. It's across the canal when you walk from victory monument. You can't miss the signboard that says "The best boat noodles"