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More Reviews of good food at Symmetry

Sunday Roast-nothing that really stands out, but tbe sausages, yorkshire pudding, etc were cooked to perfection 3.75/5

Beignet-did not really expect it to be breaded, the inside melts in your mouth, 3.75/5

My top brunch spot because the food here never disappoints - love the maple glazed bacon in the eggs ben, the wagyu minute steak in the Sunday roast was thin, tender and tasty, and the ham hock beignet is a bite sized croquette with amazing yuzu mayo. Service was good and all three dishes were served at the same time within 10min of ordering!

Breakfast waffle served with apricot compote, refreshing nectarine ice cream and a light macarpone cream

I asked for the bacon to be replaced with smoked salmon. This was one of the better eggs benedict I had. The english muffin was toasty and I liked the portobello bits beneath the eggs. The melted cheese on the eggs also gave this dish a unique spin.

Truffle fries is good & tasty. Stewed beef ($24) + foie gras (+$4) though is not recommended. Its bitter and has not much taste to it.

If you see anyone stealing the truffle fries, it was not my brother being a hand model for me. It was him being greedy and deciding to steal food before I could even take a picture. (To be honest, I took some too hehe.) The pungent whiff of truffle was too alluring to resist. Eggs Benedict managed to flow when cut through, but has a bit too steep of a price I'm willing to pay for. Waffles were average, but the apricot ice cream was certainly an interesting flavour compared to your regular Matcha/Red Velvet/Caramel waffles. Needless to say, my favourite was the truffle fries!

I went on a Monday, therefore they had a Monday menu. It was a different menu compared to the last time I went. So I ordered pasta this time round as others on the menu doesn't really seems appealing to me. But it was kind of a disappointment as the linguine was kind of over cook, and the pasta seems abit blunt.

This dish looked messy when served but the goodness was definitely with the tasty pasta. Only thing I would pick on was the tiny crush shelves of the clams that made the chewing unpleasant 😅

I usually shy away from fish dishes with the fear of encountering the fishy taste & smell. I'm glad to have gave this a try as the fish was very fresh & soft & rich with sweetness from the accompanied ingredients

And that's why Symmetry has a special menu for dinner on Mondays to feed us well so that we can get through the rest of the week.
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Not much of a salad but a nice and hearty combination of fresh and healthy ingredients.

Yaz! This is what a proper waffle stack should look like -- 4 light and fluffy golden brown beauties piled high, served with tart berry compote, streaks of peanut butter and nutella, banana slices, and chantilly cream & maple syrup topped berry ice cream.

Taste: 3.5/5

Good night, peeps! It's Wednesday soon~
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The soft buttery scrambled eggs sits perfectly on top of the juicy tender duck leg stuffed in between a hot and crispy croissant. Paired with it with all the time favourite truffle fries and dip. Yummy !

This is a delicious, comforting bowl of wonder. Generous portions of crab meat and the pesto sauce was spot on. Use the Amex Platinum Card for 50% off your bill.

Symmetry has always been popular for their awesome brunch menu but I urge you to try out their dinner menu. This Canelloni sent me to the moon and back. The Canelloni is filled with creamy prawns and scallop dipped in a creamy pesto (I think) and Roe. Every mouth is packed with flavours and texture. simply awesome!!!

I was over the moon when Symmetry is part of the dining privileges for AMEX . I love their brunch and to have dining deals for their dinner menu is just amazing. I had the Grey Shrimp pasta and it was lovely. It's a creamy based sauce. Its not too overly Richy and creamy which is how I liked my pasta to be . The shrimps was huge and generous and it was grilled to perfection. Not a very big portion so it's perfect for the ladies :) overall, I would say im super Impressed !

Loved the caramelization on the edges of the tender miso cod!! The linguine was well coated in the mentaiko sauce but I wish it were slightly less dry :( Also note that the portion is abit smaller than average so it's perfect for small eaters.

It is great to have a day off on Monday. #burpple #coffee #gingerbreadman