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More Reviews of good food at Symmetry

Not only a fab brunch place but they also do great drinks

Can't comment on this except it sure looks fab! And the burrata was so fresh and creamy!

Finally understand what everyone has been raving about. Only ❤️ for this crab benedict with a really generous portion of crab meat, soft boiled eggs instead of poached (which I definitely prefer! Hate the rubbery exteriors of poached eggs), with torched mozzarella on top. + a bit of avocado and ikura over a bed of spinach, somehow the combination works really well together! Oh, and lovely English muffins! (should mention I asked for the yuzu hollandaise to be served separately, not a fan of hollandaise but this one tasted pretty good, though the dish didn't need the hollandaise IMO, was happy without it for mine). Absolutely would order this again in a heartbeat

This never fails to bring a smile no matter how grey the sky may be... The winning combination of berries, sour cream, homemade PB, and raspberry ice cream on crusty warm waffle made fresh on order, arhhh, mmm, woooow. P.S. This is only 1/3 of the serving for a regular plate. And they provide a half size option!

Where egg Benedict is concerned, none other does it better than Symmetry. Who else pampers you using generous serving of Dungeness crabs in their Benedicts! It's not just about throwing in the expensive ingredients as some establishment does - with an overdose/ use of truffle, foie gras but doesn't achieve much. It's about bringing in the right combination. See my earlier post on details.

No surprise that this will be another good egg Benedict creation by Symmetry. Full on portion of Dungeness crab spreaded generously on the grilled English muffin, topped with their top grade egg Benedict with hollandaise sauce and torched! Don't miss out on the avocado and ikura which used a little sparingly on their recent creations. How can you complain when even the sautéed spinach taste this good - right amount of olive oil and salt. This breakfast tastes incredible, life is good, yours truly! Afterall, Symmetry is synonymous with good food and it's Benedict. Don't agree, try it!

Another amazing item in Symmetry's star studded menu of amazing brunch options. The shakshuka is clearly one of the best. The minced lamb balls and merguez are only for lamb lovers as they are so full of flavours but overpowering. Topping it off like icing on the cake, is an onsen egg and a dollop of creamed avocado in the middle of the skillet. What I love is their waffles - I call them "croisffle" as the batter used is that of a croissant dough but set in a waffle maker. The texture allows you to tear up the croisffle and dip them into the shakshuka to soak up all the wonderfully rich flavours!

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 literally speechless. So much umami of the crab blended into the sweet corn fried to golden brown perfection. Served with avocado and ikura which is a good variation in flavours in case you start devouring all 3 crab croquettes in one go.

No Sunday Roast on a weekday so we tried the Symmetry Brunch. Generous portion and every item was well prepared.

Symmetry has one of most beautifully executed egg Benedict. I remember the excitement when I found theirs amidst the egg Benedict craze some 5+ years ago. This variation has chopped mushrooms between the eggs and the muffin, not the taste I appreciate most, but the core to this is using really good eggs and having complementing ingredients in a not overwhelming way.

The must have every time at Symmetry.

When I need a perk up for the rest of the day, a cold brew latte is my go-to coffee. Perfect for our weather and milk lovers like me. Adding this place to my list of cold brew latte places that I'll return for :)

Steak, eggs and sausage. All the goodness on the same plate. 😌

Sunday Roast-nothing that really stands out, but tbe sausages, yorkshire pudding, etc were cooked to perfection 4/5

Beignet-did not really expect it to be breaded, the inside melts in your mouth, 3.75/5

My top brunch spot because the food here never disappoints - love the maple glazed bacon in the eggs ben, the wagyu minute steak in the Sunday roast was thin, tender and tasty, and the ham hock beignet is a bite sized croquette with amazing yuzu mayo. Service was good and all three dishes were served at the same time within 10min of ordering!

Breakfast waffle served with apricot compote, refreshing nectarine ice cream and a light macarpone cream

I asked for the bacon to be replaced with smoked salmon. This was one of the better eggs benedict I had. The english muffin was toasty and I liked the portobello bits beneath the eggs. The melted cheese on the eggs also gave this dish a unique spin.

Truffle fries is good & tasty. Stewed beef ($24) + foie gras (+$4) though is not recommended. Its bitter and has not much taste to it.

If you see anyone stealing the truffle fries, it was not my brother being a hand model for me. It was him being greedy and deciding to steal food before I could even take a picture. (To be honest, I took some too hehe.) The pungent whiff of truffle was too alluring to resist. Eggs Benedict managed to flow when cut through, but has a bit too steep of a price I'm willing to pay for. Waffles were average, but the apricot ice cream was certainly an interesting flavour compared to your regular Matcha/Red Velvet/Caramel waffles. Needless to say, my favourite was the truffle fries!