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More Reviews of good food at Symmetry

Symmetry Salad ($22), big breakfast ($25), Potato fries ($15). A little pricey but always our comfort choice for brunch after visiting the Kwan Im Thong Hood Che Temple. Blessed!

The Sunday roast ($29) was totally not what we expected. Go Google UK Sunday roast and you will know what I mean. Granola bowl was so so ($16) Coffee was acceptable though. Friendly staffs.

The eggs was cheesy and half cooked making it very creamy and tasty. Berries butter on the sourdough was special. Other than thats its pretty standard

One of the best brunch i’ve had in a while. The sweet and savoury sauce pairs perfectly with the flowy gooey eggyolk. Caramelised onions and portobello adds an extra sweetness and fragrance.

You know breakfast is no simple affair when there are so many things going on this huge breakfast platter!

Soft scrambled eggs, chicken cheese sausage, sautéed mushrooms, maple glazed bacon, Norwegian salmon, tater tots, toast with berries butter.

The berries butter came across as rather abrupt, though I must admit I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the delicate sweetness it introduced to the dish, which really could have done without the limp looking bacon.


Consistently satisfying brunch at Symmetry. Every component was delightful!

The minute steak was amazingly tender, super delicious with the pommery mustard & creamy mushroom ragout. The smoked beef sausage had a good blend of spices and seasonings, very flavorful and juicy! Loved the complex flavor and rich buttery texture from the crumbled Neal’s yard Stilton. And butter blinis!!!! YAAAAS 🙌🏻


A feast for the eyes, and even more so for the tummy. Symmetry's rendition of the Waffle would please those who like theirs slightly denser and more buttery. Pairs well with the scoop of chocolate ice cream and medley of fruits.

Delicately shaped and breaded, each cube packs a wonderful capsule of beefy goodness. You can feel how painstakingly the chef has assembled this with the right cut of beef to give it a really full texture. Perfectly complemented with the mustard mayo although the base sauce to me was probably not necessary as it’s almost taste like a tardy teriyaki sauce.

Would certainly recommend his appetizer which I can imagine would be almost be as wonderful a tapas to go with your booze.


Still a hot fave at this spot but wasn't as fab that day because the english muffins were soggy...

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Get your BB fix with smoked salmon, cheese sausage, bacon, tater tots, mushroom, rucola, choice of eggs and toast with berry infused butter. Great way to start a day!


Yes, a duck confit for brunch. And Symmetry yet again does it so well - soft juicy and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. Served with a poached egg, teta tots, rucola salad and ratatouille.


Mixed berries, chocolate ice cream, maple , nuts, sesame praline. While the waffles kinda smell eggy, and taste a bit eggy, its condiments masked it really well. 4/5

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Loved the crab Benedict! Duck was pretty good too!! I love the ambience and they have good music here:) 8/10!

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Overpriced, very little mushrooms with no truffle taste. Tasted ordinary. Will not go back.


The Symmetry Eggs Benedict (S$22.00) was like no other that I had tried all these while. The biggest difference from the rest is that they used a low-temperature cooking which made it more like a sous-vide style rather than conventional poaching. Yup, that means that the egg white will fall apart quite easily, and the yolk is completely runny (one of them ran too fast and broke before I could even see it). That kind of prompted me to finish my food quickly.

And perhaps it’s just me having a slight obsession on Hollandaise sauce, I wished that the dish was more saucy than runny. Similarly, if the bacon can form a complete wall around the egg, I think the presentation would be more ideal.

Although the dish did not hit the jackpot, given the fact that their service was good and there were other dishes to choose from, I would not mind coming back again to further explore their menu.

Not something to shout about relative to the other outstanding dishes at Symmetry. The pancetta itself and the sweet fresh shrimps are reasons enough to have no regrets in ordering this indulgence on a Sunday morning.


Best Virgin Mary I dare say goes to... Symmetry's rendition, and deservingly so, some say the best morning wake-me-up juice. Pardon my hangover from post-Star Award in my introduction. Whilst tomato juice certainly is not the popular beverage here in Singapore, I certainly think Symmetry's can make the most discerning tastebuds to begin to appreciate it. If you think it is only about getting Tabasco into a glass of tomato, you are so wrong. Symmetry gave all the right attention to the balance of spice, the thickness of the juice, the black pepper, the chilled glass, the sliced sweet tomato on the steel skewer, the celery stick and the slice of lemon.

Well toasted bread that was slightly dry in the middle but very soft, with just as soft asparagus as well as a generous portion of decent crab meat. The bright and slightly sour sauce accompanies the crab very well but the egg was a teeny but overcooked. Won't say the ingredients compliment each other but each element was decent so it made a really light but satisfying lunch


The crab Benedict was pretty good! Love the creamy crabmeat. Goes well with the avocado mash, hollandaise sauce and spinach. The 63 deg egg was cooked to perfection as well!

We ordered a side scramble and sautéed mushrooms. The mushrooms could be a little saltier we fell but overall lovely brunch place

Quite apprehensive about ordering a 30$ meal at a cafe but after seeing the crowd at 3pm my fears were put at ease. They are really very popular, being crowded on a Monday afternoon and with people coming here even though they have only 1 day in Singapore.

Price is really perfectly justified with the generous portions of lamb. Really well spiced shakshouka, but there isn't much heat so anyone can enjoy it. A hearty stew that works well with the croiffles which had an interesting crispy texture. And the spices make the eggs so savoury. The lamb sausage wasn't as good though, quite tough and doesn't have much taste