18 Cross Street
#02-32/33 China Square Central
Singapore 048423

07:00am - 09:00pm

07:00am - 09:00pm

07:00am - 09:00pm

07:00am - 09:00pm

07:00am - 09:00pm

08:00am - 08:00pm

08:00am - 08:00pm



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Reviews at Ta Lu Prawn Noodles 大路蝦麵

Reviews of good food at Ta Lu Prawn Noodles 大路蝦麵

I love prawn noodles, and sadly, Ta Lu Prawn Noodles was a let down. It came pretty highly recommended to me and I gave it a try. However, the soup stock was just average, and it was 42% noodles, 55% soup and 3% prawns. I got full on the noodles and soup... and I hate that. The serving of prawns was pathetic, plus they were halved and skinny. I dislike a stingy meal.


Previously at level 1 of China Square, now it has move into China Square level 2! Fully air-conditioned! 🌪 Still as crowded as before, soup as tasty and yummy.. today’s dry noodle seems like not so dry coz quite a bit of gravy/soup in my noodles 🙁 On a side note, a lot of ppl were eating their Magee meee soup 🍜 Like 😳, why come to a prawn noodle shop for Magee mee?? Next time I should try their Magee mee soup! Seriously, almost 1 pax in each table are eating that! N there were 1 table about 5 pax, almost all eating that! I wondered if anyone here had tried their Magee Mee soup? Let me know if it’s worth for me to try the next time! 🙂 #taluprawnnoodles #prawnnoodle #prawnnoodles #chinasquare


Totally not worth 6 bucks, please! The soup lacks the richness of a solid prawn stock, and two measly prawns just doesn't cut it. 😒 Don't know why there's such a long queue.


Quite a good place to lunch with relatively fast queue and good ambience. Plenty of seats available and the price was very reasonable too. This bowl costs S$5/-


Well, I ate it first while I let the pork ribs "soak" in the broth and then slurped it all up later. Ok, that's all.

Carrot Cake for $5!

大路虾面 Prawn Mee Collectibles.

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Located at 22 Cross Street, #01-65, Singapore 048421. They are having a Special 50% off their Prawn Noodle, Carrot Cake (Black) & Egg Noodle during 7.45-10.00am & 2.45/4.00pm! Instead of $6/bowl, it cost only $3!! We had an early breakfast with a bowl of pipping hot Egg Noodles! Comes with minced meat, eggs, veg and 3pcs fried Luncheon Meat. We find that the soup is a tad salty so go less with it, but it’s good to start the day by warming your tummy with a hot bowl of noodles like this! #hungryunicornsg #大路虾面 #luncheonmeat #eggnoodles #chinasquarecentral

Located at 22 Cross Street, #01-65, Singapore 048421. (They have finally re-opened and it’s right next to Shan Cha/Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant) We certainly enjoyed this bowl of Tom Yam Egg Noodle 鸡蛋面 ($6)! Springy, bouncy, QQ egg noddles, well-soaked into the Tom Yam soup! Tom Yam soup taste good as it’s sour and spicy. Not forgetting these savory Minced Pork and 3 huge chunky pieces of Fried Luncheon Meat “Swimming” in that delicious bowl of Tom Yam Soup! #hungryunicornsg #大路虾面 #tomyamnoodle #tomyam #chinasquarecentral

#大路虾面 [ Prawn + Pork Noodles $5 ) Ermm I think I need to order the $9 one because not enough meat 😬. And the prawns not fat enough. Love the broth though & their rojak. Haha! All da best for our RFP submission tmr 👍🏻 #加班#prawnmee #noodles #sgfood #sgeats #sgfoodies #burpple #cbd #sgfoodpics #rafflesplace #sgfoodie #sgeat #instafoodsg #foodstagram #sghawker #chinesefood #sgeatout


Maggi Mee was shiok but that extra egg cost $1 wth!? 😒 #eatcleanfail #howtonotbefat #burrple #大路蝦麵

S$5 big portion Rojak😍 Love it dip dip.
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