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Table Restaurant & Bar

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Nestled in the heart of Singapore at Naumi Hotel Singapore, step into Table Restaurant & Bar and get ready for a gastronomic adventure with authentic timeless Indian dishes that will delight your senses. At Table, we serve up dishes that are fresh and innovative and we believe in preparing dishes with a light touch – creating masterpieces that are not only tasty but also good for you! Table also offers a selection of International dishes in its all-day dining menu, as well as Executive Set Lunch and Dinner. Table is known for its contemporary and stylish interiors and can sit up to 50 people.

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It was decent but for this price, I expected punchier marination, less dry meat and crispier crust. Only the burnt bits were crispy

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Not seasoned at all so u better get curry to go along with it. Soft in the sense that it's easy to tear apart but it has quite some chew. Doesn't get soggy easily so u can have more curry w it.

Btw u can request for it to be buttered so that the garlic flavours are more prominent, else it's really quite tasteless on its own


Quite a generous portion with many tender chunks of chicken. Slightly sour and sweet, and packs a bit of heat as well.

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Located on the ground floor of the boutique Naumi Hotel, Table by Rang Mahal is the comparatively affordable sister of Rang Mahal in Pan Pacific Hotel. Serving fine North Indian food in a relaxed yet elegant setting, this is just the spot for hosting business meals or even a romantic date. You must start with the fun Bombay Pani Puri ($9), a delicious semolina snack from the streets of Mumbai that you fill with sweet tamarind chutney and pop in your mouth. There are few places in Singapore that serve this street snack, so please don't miss it here! Then, have their fragrant Masaledar Chicken Biryani ($24) for a foolproof main. If you're coming by for lunch, their Executive Set Lunch ($20) is of very good value.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Michelle Kayla Tay


Couldn't do alfresco but only #aldesko as I was stuck in the office!

I had Table by Rang Mahal on my table (one of the top Indian restaurants in Singapore) by ordering from Deliveroo. Even though it was raining (primarily why I ordered in, SORRY delivery dude!), my order came promptly within the stipulated 45 duration and my Masaledar Chicken Briyani (S$26.70) was piping hot.

My colleagues with certain envy as I walked through the office with a pleasant fragrant packet of briyani. The dish wasn't the most presentable but taste wise, the basmati rice was wonderfully aromatic and fluffy even though it has been steaming in a container during the length of the trip. The tender and boneless chicken pieces were marinated in selected spices giving a little much needed kick - great to combat the chilly temperatures in the office. However, the proportion of rice to chicken was too high, I wish they had more chicken in the dish especially for the hefty price tag.

I've been super glad that I have more options to eat at work thanks to Deliveroo. This upcoming week (11-17 Jul), selected Indian food merchants will be offering 1-for-1 meals! Think about making your life easier by ordering in, because you deserve the best! #BYDTB #Burppleroo


Located at the luxurious boutique Naumi Hotel, Table by Rang Mahal's setting is equally ritzy with the big modern lounge space, and the attentive amiable staff made the experience a tad more glamourous. The Butter Chicken was the highlight of the Tastemaker Eatup night - everyone was wowed by the rich, finger-licking good sauce. My personal favourite was the prawn curry - spicy, sweet with prawn essence... a bit on the salty end, so best eaten with naan or the lamb basmati rice. Also got to try Pani Puri (refer to other Burpplers' pictures) for the first time, never knew there was such a unique Indian snack which you get to fill a crusty semolina puff with spiced water and chutney. We played a game guessing the ingredients and spices that went into the Murgh Angar (similar to tandoori chicken) and masala tea, and some of the answers were really surprising and subtle-tasting - amazing how much thought can go into food preparation to seek that perfect flavour.