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Buttery crunchy short crust w that thick egg custard that melts in your mouth. Didn't go join the crazy queue when they had a pop up in Singapore because nothing beats the original! #Burpple #eggtart #taicheongbakery #hongkong


Just when i have craving for egg tarts and yet lazy to queue. Special thanks to the egg tart fairy who heard my plea and braved 45 mins queue to deliver them right to my doorstep.
Pop-up stall available at Takashimaya Basement till 20th March.

(Note: it's sold in boxes of 4 only)
I got mine hot as it was just off the oven and it was so good! Buttery pastry with sweet wobbly egg filling! 😍

$7.60 for 4(minimum purchase), it definitely still is cheaper than making a trip to hong kong to get your fix of these babies.
i found the egg custard filling to be sweeter than hk's and the pastry was slightly different as well. the tai cheong egg tarts i had in hk, while also utilising a shortcrust pastry, seemed to be less buttery and less crumbly than the ones over here. i also really hope that the pop-up in singapore will serve the egg tarts piping hot like what hk does. oh well, all the differences between hk's and sg's could have been due to the fact that yesterday was their first day and they were still figuring things out. still, having tai cheong egg tarts on our lil island is something worth celebrating 🎉


Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan/Central

Although I personally prefer Portuguese egg tarts, this place does traditional egg tarts right. The crust was really flaky and buttery, and would crumble in your fingers should you hold it with too much force. The egg custard was super smooth and creamy, and overall it wasn't too sweet as well. Great for an afternoon snack. I wouldn't really bother with their other offerings though, it wasn't as good.

The crust is so crispy and crumbly and the custard is sweet as well! Best tasted when it's piping hot so the full flavor can be savored 😋. On a side note, I find this place pretty hard to find, but it's okay.. anywhere for good food 😊 #Hkfood #Foodphotography