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From the Burpple community

The egg tart pastry was so buttery and fragrant, yet holds its shape very well. Not to mention the smooth custard which is creamy and delicious, yet not overly sweetened. Love!!

I don’t know about you, but coconut tarts have always been my childhood favourite, and I have always liked this version from Tai Cheong, especially the cherry half on top, just brought back lots of good old memories.

Their Hong Kong 🇭🇰 style Chiffon Cakes are another win too‼️


Poofy, Floofy, Airy & Pillowy Soft!!!👻 No pics taken cause it’s always missing just before I can even take a pic🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Probs in someone’s tummy🤭

Bolo Buns & Coconut 🌴 Cream Buns are so soft & floofy too! Bolo bun had a thin layer of that pineapple 🍍 shaped cookie crisp topping while the Coconut 🥥 cream bun came with an ultra light ☁️ cream & showered with additional coconut 🌴 shavings all over the bun 🍞

All in all, everything I got from @taicheongsg is freaking fragrant🙌🏻🙌🏻

Featuring 📸
~ Bolo Bun
~ Coconut & Cream Bun
~ Hong Kong Style Chiffon Cake

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~ Char Siew Bolo Bun


Est since 1954, Tai Cheong is very well known for their smooth textured egg tarts. Long queue for CNY takeaway but upon hearing from their crew that the durian & cheese tart is out of stock. The queue dissipates. One of our fav go to place for egg tarts as we prefer no burnt top and not too sweet type. Pandan tart > Classic > coconut

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Decided to get a @taicheongsg char siew polo bun ($2.80) as a meal today because everywhere had ridiculously long queuesss (and not like say the food is fantastic I really wanted to get). Wandered around the novena malls for a while before I decided why not try the savoury food from tai Cheong! Heng there wasn’t any long queue and the queue only formed after I ordered. Was having a hard time deciding between the chicken pie ($3) or the char siew polo bun and went for the latter instead because cheaper haha. Was wondering why the pie smaller but more expensive. But now I realised why because polo bun may look big but it is airy hollow inside hahaha!

The polo bun was packed nicely in a box and it was recommended for same day consumption or to heat up at 160 degrees for 10 mins the next day. But since the bun wasn’t hot already, I decided to just warm it up for around 4-5mins.

Either I was famished or too stressed with work, but this charsiew polo bun tasted heavenly. Especially love the buttery polo crust! Although charsiew was slightly fatty cut.

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Queues at Tai Cheong have been long since circuit breaker ended! I love the egg tarts with their buttery, fragrant crusts and silky smooth, soft egg custard fillings.

I usually eat the egg tarts right after buying them when they're warm. This was my first time buying a box to eat over a few days. I would suggest not eating them at room temperature – they're still nice, but the crust gets a slightly soggy feel. Instead, toast the egg tart for about 2-3 min. The crust firms up and the whole egg tart regains its beautiful fragrance.

Taste: Egg tarts. Simply love the crust. Baked to perfection!

Atmosphere: Crowded during lunch time.

Service: Staff was very friendly and prompt to response.

Price: ~$2 per piece

Where to find this place: Square 2

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