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Queues at Tai Cheong have been long since circuit breaker ended! I love the egg tarts with their buttery, fragrant crusts and silky smooth, soft egg custard fillings.

I usually eat the egg tarts right after buying them when they're warm. This was my first time buying a box to eat over a few days. I would suggest not eating them at room temperature – they're still nice, but the crust gets a slightly soggy feel. Instead, toast the egg tart for about 2-3 min. The crust firms up and the whole egg tart regains its beautiful fragrance.

Taste: Egg tarts. Simply love the crust. Baked to perfection!

Atmosphere: Crowded during lunch time.

Service: Staff was very friendly and prompt to response.

Price: ~$2 per piece

Where to find this place: Square 2

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I love both flavours just as much and I always buy both to chomp as a snack.

This freshly baked Tai Cheong egg tart is of no stranger to me & you might have known by now that it is my FAVOURITE eggtart! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Especially love the buttery & crumbly crust with an addictive crisp especially the golden brown top/sides! 😍😍😍 Not forgetting the smooth yet firm custard that has just the right amount of sweetness. Can't hide the strong eggy aroma at all. βœ”
This is how this sweet treat stole my heart. ❀ The vibrant yellow instantly cheers you up, doesnt it! It's a dangerous & deadly attraction.

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This has a satisfactory coconut taste and crunch, but I found it too sweet and too fluorescently yellow. The slightly hard crust pairs better with the smooth custard of the egg tart than with the firm cake-like crumbly texture of this coconut tart.

There’s a new Tai Cheong Bakery in Square 2 where Yami Yogurt used to be. I got the original egg tart and loved it. The crust is crispy, crumbly and fragrant, with just the right amount of butteriness, and the custard is soft, smooth and not too sweet.