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卤肉饭 and they got one thing right, the fat to meat ratio is on point. The amount of fats thus made this more enjoyable than it should have been, but otherwise the sauce is quite lacklustre. Chili oil also needed more kick, complexity and savouriness. Nonetheless it's still passable (gf found the dish rather mild)

Tai Feng Wei, stall that offers Taiwanese food.
We ordered egg fried rice with pork chop.
A very decent plate of egg fried rice with egg roe and pork chop.
The fried rice was quite tasty, the pork chop was tender. It will be a bonus if the chilli slightly more spicy.
💰$4.5 for fried rice and $3.5 for pork chop.
📍Tai Feng Wei.
146 Potong Pasir Ave 1, #01-109, Singapore