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Bringing a taste of Taiwan to your doorstep on Wed, Sat & Sun! (As of 6 Apr 21)

Unfortunately, there was both hits and misses.

Their signature braised pork belly rice was just decent, nothing to shout about. But luckily their shredded chicken rice fared better and indeed had that nostalgic flavour. Do make sure you give them a good mix before eating!

P.S. The pearls in their Bubble Milk Tea really CMI

Taishike is a popular Taiwanese food delivery. I must say the food was surprisingly tasty and warm.

Generous amount of braised pork belly on top of the rice, even though I got the regular side.

The cabbage also delicious with lots of ingredients. Complete your meal with their refreshing plum green tea.

Ordered delivery from Taishike.
The food smells so good and fragrant even without taking the food out of the plastic bag. Delivery is $8 unless u order $80 worth I think. I appreciate how they make the food good till it tastes as if u are eating in the restaurant but in the comfort of ur home.
$6 Oyster Mee Sua: 8/10 Broth is warmth to the throat. Coriander gives it a good flavor. Oyster is Abit mushy. I think it's a hearty dish.
$8 Large Braised Pork Belly Rice: 8.25/10 Smell of braised pork is strong. Pork is chewy too.
$5 Shredded Chicken Rice: 8.5/10 Garlic is homemade, really fragrant and strong. With chicken, chili flakes and garlic, the dish became a spicy paradise. Altho chicken is dry. The dish still tastes great.
$3.50 Preserved Egg Tofu: 7.5/10 Bonito flakes smell game strong. Century egg taste isn't overwhelming so everyone can enjoy.

Braised Pork Belly Rice 滷肉飯 (S$8/ large)
Braised in rich and savoury sauce to smother on top of the rice.

Shredded Chicken Rice 雞絲飯 (S$5)
Juicy and tender shredded chicken rice drizzled with our special homemade sauce, garnished with crispy shallots.

Braised Pig Skin 滷豬皮 (S$3)
Braised to a golden brown hue with a tender-like texture.

Lava Egg 溏心蛋 (S$1.20)
Flavourful soft boiled eggs with custard-like egg yolk soaked in with our special sauce.

Braised Cabbage 滷白菜 (S$3.80)
Soupier than the average sauce, this veggie side course is great for a balance to the main, lending subtle flavor to the entire bowl.
Interestingly it was topped with fried egg.

Preserved Egg Tofu 皮蛋豆腐 (S$3.50)
Softness from the tofu with creaminess from the century egg goodness, the delicate silken texture lends well to absorb the luscious and distinctive flavours.

Braised Firm Beancurd 滷豆乾 (S$2.50)
Braised in a savoury and aromatic sauce that’s packed with big flavours.

蒜泥白肉 (S$5)
Pork Belly With Special Garlic Sauce

Fresh Milk with Yam 芋泥鮮奶 (S$4.50)

Assam Tea with Pearl 阿薩姆紅茶 (S$3)

Available at @TaiShiKe.SG

Open ⏰ : Mon, Wed, Sat : 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm
Website 🌐 : https://taishike.paperform.co/
Note 📝 : S$6 delivery fee
Free delivery with S$80

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Braised Pork Belly Rice 滷肉飯 (S$8.90/ regular)
Braised in rich and savoury sauce to smother on top of your rice. Perfect integration of fat to meat ratio that melts in your mouth.
Available at @taishike.sg
Ordered through @airasiafood ‘cos got free delivery service.
Delivered well before the expected time.
The green chilli sauce was killer spicy.

Address 🏡 : 28 Gambas Crescent, level 3 Nordcom 2, Singapore 🇸🇬 757 012
WhatsApp : 8899 1024
Note 📝 :
Self-Collection :
Minimum 2 hours in advance

Delivery for Wed, Sat, Sun :
Minimum One day in advance before 6pm
Minimum order of S$18 with delivery fee of S$9
Free delivery with minimum order of S$80

Also available on selected delivery platforms