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Ramen for the Average Singaporean. We aim to bring authentic and affordable Japanese Ramen to Singapore food courts and coffeeshops.

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From the Burpple community

Made with tonkotsu soup boiled for over 12 hours, this creamy chasu ramen comes with tender, slow-braised chashu pork slices, marinated in a sweet, mirin soy sauce marinade. Don't miss out on the ajitama egg (+$1)! 👍

Generously layered over firm Hakata-style noodles, the signature light but creamy shio-tonkotsu broth is certainly a flavourful treat! Topped with thinly sliced green scallions and blanched silver sprouts. Next time you're thinking of where to head for supper, try out this ramen spot!

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For those who prefer a lighter flavour, try their tempura soba ($9.90). This limited time special also comes with udon option. We upgraded this to a meal with chasu ($2.90) and takoyaki ($2.90). A comforting treat 🙌

Looking for a wallet-friendly option for supper? Check out Takagi Ramen for ramen, donburi, sides and more! 🍜

We had...

🌟 Ebi Fry ($5.90)
🌟 Tempura Soba ($9.90)
🌟 Chashumen ($9.50)
🌟 Add on: chasu + ajitama egg + takoyaki

Full review on IG: @myfoodframes 📸

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For sides, we had deep fried ebi prawns ($5.90). Honestly, we enjoyed the octopus takoyaki more than the fried ebi. Felt that the latter could be improved (batter is too thick)

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Upgraded our meal with chasu add ons. Braised and marinated for hours, we received 3pc of chasu to go along with our tempura soba set!

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quenched our thirst with their Milk Koucha ($3.40/L) with pearls 🧋 & Matcha Latte ($4.40/L) 💚! Both drinks were pretty sweet so do adjust your sugar level! 👌🏻