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From the Burpple community

There was a long snaking queue during dinner time. Queued for about 10-15mins. It was worth the wait.

The fried pork was damn crispy and tasty

The ikan billis was good too.

I ordered total 4 dishes for $5.20.


Boy, this chicken cutlet was probably the size of 2 of my palms combined. Perhaps the more well-known western stall at this food centre is Chef Hainan, but thanks to the review of a fellow Burppler, we decided to get this chicken cutlet from No. 1 western stall, located at the back of Chef Hainan diagonally, on the same evening to have a comparison.

This humongous piece of meat was evenly coated with bread crumbs which contributed to its crispy fragrant exterior, while retaining the juiciness of the meat underneath. The pairing sauce was special, not ketchup but rather a tomato sauce that adds a touch of tanginess and slight citrusy which cuts the oiliness. Zig zag fries were fried toll really crispy, especially the tiny ones were to my liking. Comparing the breaded crust of the 2 stalls, I would think No. 1 did a better job here. Price was wallet friendly and for this piece of oversized chicken cutlet, it’s hard to resist having on a return visit.

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Finally tried one of the famous thunder tea rice located at Tanglin Halt Food Centre!! Really love how creamy and thick the soup is although I was quite surprised that it was served cold. The amount of ingredients and rice balanced out well- I had vegetables to go with every mouth of rice
Wanted to try the Yong Tau Fu but they were sold out when I was there on a late Friday afternoon
Will definitely go back again especially for the soup!!
Definitely worth the price of $4 for a bowl with brown rice and $3.50 for a bowl with white rice

Located at 1A Commonwealth Drive, Tanglin Halt Food Centre, Stall 01-24, Singapore 141001. .
Steamed Chicken Rice, $3. Tender, delicious plate of steamed chicken rice that’s so irresistible! Their meat are cut in huge pieces and they don’t smash them, which we really dislike.. Their rice texture is just nice for our liking, perfect pairing with those spicy chilli with added ginger! .
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[成]美食好味道is located right in between the boneless braised duck and the roasted meat stall in Tanglin Halt Food Centre. Prices range from $3.00 - $5.00. They do not use pork here, so the meat options you have are chicken and battered fish. The broth was not as flavorful as I thought it would be, and slightly watery. For the battered fish, batter > fish, and we were given a quarter of a hard-boiled egg. They are generous with their ingredients so this will fill you up for lunch.

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This was one of the few stalls still operating past 9pm at Tanglin Halt and it still had quite a queue despite the timing.

I really enjoyed the noodles which were a little thicker than your average wanton mee. The noodles were also able to absorb the sauce base well.

I also like how they were generous with their serving of char siew slices but otherwise, there was nothing to shout about it.

The wanton in the soup was delightful though as the minced pork within was fresh and flavourful.The hidden chestnut bits within gave the wantons some crunch to it as well! I also like that the skin used were not too thick as well.

Overall, a good dish but only if you are in the area.