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美食好味道 (Tanglin Halt Food Centre) - Lor Mee ($4) I realised Lor Mee's soup taste was quite watery and that not really thick starch gravy compared to other stall I have tried before. They give a lot of ingredients such as battered fish, sliced chicken slices, ngo hiang and boiled egg. I felt that battered fish got a lot of batter inside the fried fish.

Here’s a family favourite that sees us all tripping down on the weekend! Portions are large and affordable - we got half a chicken ($12), a slab of roast pork ($4) and rice ($0.50 each). Best of all, the quality has remained top notch over the many years that we’ve been patronising this stall 🌟 the tender meat, crispy skin and flavourful sauces are my favourite! #oldisgold

Served warm, crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside and filled to the brim with peanuts, I can wax lyrical about this min jiang kueh but its best if you try this goodness for yourself 😭😭😭


Thosai is decently cooked: spongey with a tinge of sourness. Daal is a fail though, very watery, lacking the thickness and earthiness of the lentils.

Really really generous stall! Large portions with generous amounts of meat!! The wok hei is not very consistent but the gravy is flavourful and the bee hoon is fried well without being too soggy.

From the stall selling kway chup. Very friendly uncle! Really flavourful soup, with the herbal taste of the duck coming through very well. The nuttiness of the peanut also elevated the dish! Decent portion for the price as well

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