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Chicken wing and fish paste beancurd skin. A rare economical beehoon supper spot. Not my first time having the wing. It's juicy but quite bland. The fish paste beancurd skin is rare that's why I ordered it. It's not bad.

Soya bean milk and grass jelly. Too sweet. But also shiok. Haha.

This is my first and most probably my last time visiting Tanglin Halt Food Centre as the place is due to be demolished by end of this year for future housing developments. We tried the food from most of the recommended stalls there, except the peanut pancake which was the only food regret that day as they sell out by the time we are there at 11:30am.
✨ Tanglin Halt Food Centre
📍 1A Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 141001
🍴 [Self Funded]



*pickled cabbage*


Affordable, convenient in a space-saving packet. Considered it a product made in Singapore, it tastes decent and made to suit the local taste.

Goes well with teochew porridge whenever I feel like eating "healthy or clean".

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Porridge party now on !

Anyone game to join in ?

Back to my favourite 1.50 gooey century egg and shredded chicken porridge from 友全.

Best for this weather .

I could retire and survive on this 😂 if not for the crazily rising medishield premiums .

美食好味道 (Tanglin Halt Food Centre) - Lor Mee ($4) I realised Lor Mee's soup taste was quite watery and that not really thick starch gravy compared to other stall I have tried before. They give a lot of ingredients such as battered fish, sliced chicken slices, ngo hiang and boiled egg. I felt that battered fish got a lot of batter inside the fried fish.