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Can't rmb the name and shop name, but not worth the money :(


Hidden gem:?Authentic Korean food! Price cheaper than average Korean cuisine at the area. They are located at tanjong pagar shophouses, S(088506). Too bad it was located at a rather hidden area but food is good, staff is friendly! Hope more people will visit them!

I knew my tummy was doomed the moment he poured a cup of milk over the ice grill, which is why I ordered a mix of strawberry and blueberry to make my torture later worthwhile. The extravagant movements and noise of chopping the ingredients and spreading the mixture thin over the cold plate drew several curious spectators and of cuz sugar-craving kids. I think the portion of 6 rolls is enough to share amongst 2 or more people - I really enjoyed the first two fruity rolls but after the third it was getting a bit 'gelat'. #Burpple

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A 2 and half hour operation - open 11.30am to 2pm