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Located at #02-42. I ordered the omurice with mushroom cream sauce ($4.50) and add on grilled chicken ($1.50). The portion is filling. Below the omu is fried rice. The rice is fried with small pcs of meat, cabbage and carrot. The egg is runny but abit salty. Overall, i feel it is a good omurice that can be found in hawker centres.

It's pretty good stuff. First time having this, and was pleasantly surprised. The texture isn't as thick as I expected, and the peanut taste wasn't as intense as I hoped but it's still v nice. In fact a lot more balanced than I thought


Opted for the signature mee pok dry today and finally tasted the fish dumplings! Love it! The soup was so comforting I could go on and on drinking it!
#02-47: 俩兄弟Teochew Fishball Noodles

Had chicken wing, fried fish fillet and otah for $4.20

I like the fish fillet but was a bit disappointed that it doesn’t automatically come with peanut and ikan bilis.

It’s a decent plate of nasi lemak but I still prefer the other stall in the same hawker centre that serves the green rice.

💵: $4.50

🤔: Sososo good - except I didn't drink the tea 😳👉🏻👈🏻 Other than that, everything else was really yummy!


Only $3 for this nasi lemak with sambal chilli, peanuts, otah, fried egg and a chicken wing.

Rice is fragrant with a tinge of green from the pandan leaves. Chicken wing is crispy with a good marinate. The sambal chilli blend it all together. Delicious and cheap lunch treat!