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From the Burpple community

Noticed that there is a change in menu. They now sell curry rice with a protein option eg grilled chicken, pork cutlet, pork loin for $6.30. If you want the egg, need to top up $1. The omu egg is still very good. The portion is also very generous. Despite the change in menu and i think there is an increase in price, I would still recommend it.

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Located at #02-06. The cai png was abit pricey and there is a min order of $4. 2 vege and 1 meat cost me $6. Vege is $1.20-$1.50 while meat is $2.50-$3 so you can hit $4 easily. The portion is really generous. The fried chicken was really crispy and tender when it was freshly out of the wok. When cold, it can be abit tough. Vege was normal. I guess the selling point is the big portion.

I had the bean curd with grass jelly... Absolutely yummy! Very refreshing!

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Looks plain, but the soup was really really good.
During rainy days there’s a really long queue, up to about 20min!! But it was delicious.

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Yao Japanese Rice House is an affordable place to grab some good omu rice in food centre.

Although the omu rice really not the kind you are expecting, instead it is just the omelette placed on top of the rice.

The chicken cutlet was super crunchy and curry was tasty and sweet. Omelette was soft and fluffy.


fried shark lor mee ($4) was sooo good! but prefer the “soup” to be more starchy. so flavourful anyway. and those fried shark fillets omgggg. chef kiss