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πŸ’΅: $4.50

πŸ€”: Sososo good - except I didn't drink the tea πŸ˜³πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ» Other than that, everything else was really yummy!

Only $3 for this nasi lemak with sambal chilli, peanuts, otah, fried egg and a chicken wing.

Rice is fragrant with a tinge of green from the pandan leaves. Chicken wing is crispy with a good marinate. The sambal chilli blend it all together. Delicious and cheap lunch treat!


To its credit, it's a pleasant bowl of laksa, as compared to some laksa which are fiery, oily or choking. Other than that, nothing special.

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My favourite thunder tea rice (ζ“‚θŒΆι₯­οΌ‰, they have the best green sauce (soup) that goes so well with the brown rice and vegetables. Fried egg with bitter gourd and meatball as extra topping 😁

Hardly can you ever find dumpling noodles that's priced at $3! I like the plump dumplings with sufficient fillings, and the skin wasn't too thick too. The noodles were the thinner kind, but it's just my preference to have those slightly thicker egg noodles. Nevertheless, good find in our hawker centres!

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Was passing by the market today and stopped by to look around and found this stall selling Fried Shark Lor Mee with a pretty long queue. Jumped in the queue and ordered the small (lol the portion was very big and fulfilling tho) $4 one. They have a bigger $5 portion but I didn't really have much stomach space for it. Dumpling and fried shark meat was crisp and I was so happy that the bowl was full of generous portions of meat (including a big chunk of pork belly and some fried meatballs). Lor Mee sauce was great with the chili and garlic. Felt so guilty eating it afterwards bcs the calorie content is prob pretty high due to all the fried shark meat. But hey, pretty worth it once in a while! :)