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One of life’s greatest gastronomic indulgences can be found at Tarte by Cheryl Koh, a spin-off by the Les Amis Group with Les Amis restaurant’s pastry chef Cheryl Koh, which opened in April 2015. In a span of a year, chef Cheryl was awarded ‘Asia’s Best Pastry Chef’ in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards in 2016. Emerging from a tiny den along the quaint corner street of the Shaw Centre, this retail concept is as straightforward as its moniker – selling artisanal tarts and other confectionaries baked from scratch all day with only the best available ingredients sourced from around the world that are rare to find in Singapore. Talking about her inspiration behind Tarte, she says, “I want guests to enjoy the tarts as I would serve them at Les Amis restaurant: freshly made with good ingredients and best fruits of the season. I aim to make the best version of the simplest desserts. I focus mainly on tarts because of the great combination of pastry, flavours, colours and textures.” In 2018, Tarte by Cheryl Koh expanded its operations to include a cosy dining area. This allows the team to push the envelope when it comes to crafting guest’s dining experience. With an expanded menu list, coffee and tea is no longer an afterthought. Instead, it plays a vital supporting role in elevating the experience and taste profiles of the desserts.

1 Scotts Road
#02-05 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208

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11:00am - 07:00pm

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Back to the dining partner’s favourite spot because Christmas is just round the corner, and Tarte by Cheryl Koh had released two limited time-only tarts in their range of small tarts; namely the Black Forest Tart, and the Ardeche Chesnut — the former being one of those tarts that makes a yearly comeback every festive season, while the latter seems like one which sounded more Mont Blanc-based that we have left out for the next visit since the dining partner just isn’t quite a fan of chestnut-based desserts.

Featuring elements such as Morello Cherries with Kirsch Mousse and Dark Chocolate, it is needless to say how the Black Forest Tart takes inspiration from the classic Black Forest Cake that artisanal patissiers and neighbourhood bakeries carry. Here, Tarte by Cheryl Koh attempts to replicate that classic in a tart form; the various chocolate elements from the mousse to the tart base carrying that luxurious feel of chocolate that was smooth, luscious and rich without being “heaty”. What really puts the “Black Forest” in this one would be the Kirsch-soaked Morello Cherries; there isn’t just the one on the top — many more being hidden beneath that gives a fleshy bite and an “oomph” of booziness that was just on point. Amidst all the Kirsch mousse, one can even find a thin, soft and light layer of dark chocolate cake layered just above the tart base that further enhances the chocolatey notes of the tart, which is well-balanced with the alcoholic notes of the soaked cherries that very well exemplifies a Black Forest-inspired dessert befitting of the current season.

As with always, looking forward to be back to try more of the limited time-only tarts (yes, I am looking at the Ardeche Chesnut Tart), and also crossing my fingers to hope that there may be some new plated desserts off their dessert section of the menu to try that may be introduced just in-line with the year-end holidays.

Haven’t been here for quite some time but there is always this one last dessert in their plated dessert menu to go for — one of the items that we were recommend to have but took quite a long while to have is this Apple Tarte Tatin; a rather interesting interpretation of the classic French dessert given its unique way of presenting the dish (someone actually likened this to a slab of braised pork belly; just so you know 😂).

Featuring elements such as Caramelised Reinette Apples, Sablé Breton, Calvados and Tahiti Vanilla Ice-Cream, this is one dish where a lot of care has been placed into the textures of the dish — poached apple that had been layered slice by slice above the sable, one could feel the fork going through those layers as one takes their first slice down into the Apple Tarte Tatin. First impressions was a little sweet, but everything balances out well once it is enjoyed with just a bit of that lightly boozy Calvados cream and that aromatic Tahiti Vanilla Ice-Cream that is speckled with vanilla beans throughout. The Sablé Breton was especially fitting to the caramalised apples — so lightly crumbly as it breaks down into crumbs without much of an effort — almost similar to those shortbread pastry often found with Taiwanese pineapple cakes. Yet another one of those beautifully executed desserts that is out of their usual range of tarts available for this season; perhaps only second to the Shine Muscat Grapes that the dining partner absolutely adores …

It is the season for Shine Muscat Grapes, and Tarte by Cheryl Koh had recently revamped their menu to showcase the seasonal produce — apart from the return of the Shine Muscat Tart, they have also released a plated dessert featuring the said produce as well.

Described to be “Korean Shine Muscat in different textures with Yuja-grape sorbet”, the Shine Muscat Grapes dessert is nothing short of dreamy. The dessert comes layered with a jelly made from Shine Muscat Grapes at the bottom, whilst layered out with sliced Shine Muscat Grapes before being topped with the Yuja-grape sorbet. Digging into the dessert, the Yuja-grape sorbet carries a soft sweetness evident of the grapes, but also a slight tang from the infusion of Yuja (i.e. Yuzu). Beneath, the sliced grapes gives a slight juicy crunch, but it is the Shine Muscat Grapes jelly at the bottom gives the dessert much of its oomph — that champagne-like feeling with its sweetness and wobbly, melt-in-the-mouth texture. To give the dessert more textural contrast, they have also seemingly added popping candy — the popping sounds from the dessert pretty much gave it away whilst it was being served on the table. Overall, a pretty interesting dessert that showcases a single produce executed in different forms; a textural affair to be had surrounding the Shine Muscat Grapes that are now in season.

Have always said how Tarte by Cheryl Koh isn’t only all about tarts — and they have done it here again with the Shine Muscat Grapes Dessert; an item which we thought was not only good to have as a dessert, but one that would also suit as a palate cleanser between the various tarts and desserts if one were to go for multiple items at one go here. An item to perhaps give a go if Shine Muscat Grapes are your sort of thing; till the season lasts!


We were actually on the way to Tarte by Cheryl Koh just when the news for the return of Phase 2 with no dine-in was first published on the various news sites — and since it was le favourite place of a certain friend that I was with that day, we decided to go all out on orders here; two pax to two tarts, two plates desserts and two drinks.

The tarts at Tarte by Cheryl Koh are often talked about but the plated desserts section hidden in their menu is also worth a mention — the same menu also features some sandwiches for those who are feeling peckish; yes, Tarte by Cheryl Koh is a one-stop shop from savouries to sweets these days.

Given how Tarte by Cheryl Koh is a brand under the Les Amis Group, and how Cheryl Koh is the current head pastry chef of Les Amis Restaurant, it’s a little difficult to give the Grand Marnier Soufflé a miss — after all one of Les Amis Restaurant’s famed desserts would be their different variants of the soufflé (also an item we missed during our visit to Les Amis Restaurant for the Le Menu Été Dégustation, which didn’t include the soufflé by default) featuring seasonal produce. The one served in the menu of Tarte by Cheryl Koh stays true to their concept - featuring an orange marmalade alongside Grand Marnier and Creme Anglaise. Unlike another rendition of an alcoholic soufflé which we previously had at now-defunct Soufflé, the Grand Marnier is beautifully infused in the batter with this one — that warm, airy and fluffy soufflé is perfect here in terms of texture, while the Creme Anglaise (poured in by the staff for theatrical factor), essentially light custard, gives the soufflé a complimenting richness whilst provides a light touch of sweetness. The orange marmalade is a classic combination to the Grand Marnier — zingy, yet with a bitter undertone for a slight flavour contrast that matches that of all the other components.

Can’t really make comparisons between this and the soufflé from Les Amis Restaurant — but this is one soufflé that is pretty well done and worth its price at $18 before prevailing charges. Tarte by Cheryl Koh isn’t all about tarts — and their plated desserts do deserve a mention too.


The hazelnut tart was pretty good, similar to a ferrero richer. Just slightly too sweet for my dining partner. Strawberry tiramisu was not bad, but we found it too pricey. The star for this was the strawberry milk where soymilk is used. There’s a lovely floral tea flavour infused into their strawberry sauce.

Helmed by an award-winning pastry chef, this hidden gem in Shaw Towers is perfect for an afternoon tea sesh. Their wide variety of buttery and crumbly tarts go for $10 a pop, and they're worth every penny. Try every flavour, or whatever suits your palate — they're all delicious!
Photo by Burppler Cassie Ong