Why become a Burpple Tastemaker?

1. Influence the Community

Tastemakers' reviews are given priority on all venue pages on Burpple. You know your opinions will be heard and valued by people trying to find a great place to eat on Burpple.

2. Receive a Tastemaker’s badge

Everyone will know you’re awesome with that shiny pink badge on your profile, which gives you instant credibility and 10,269 awesomeness points!

3. Attend exclusive Burpple Tastemaker Eatups and tastings

You get to meet, mingle and swap foodie tales with fellow Tastemakers at our exclusive Burpple Tastemaker Eatups, and also gain access to tastings at the newest offerings in town.

How can I be a Tastemaker?

1. Share quality photos and reviews

Burpple Tastemakers manage to magically combine a tummy growl-inducing photo with clear and informative writing that reflects their genuine opinion. Helpful information like pricing and interesting facts about the place are always a bonus. No need bombastic England.

2. Be passionate

Passion can’t be faked, and genuine enthusiasm for sharing food recommendations and great new finds is key to being spotted by the Burpple team! Remember, Burpple’s mission is all about helping others have enjoyable, memorable meals.

3. Keep it honest and real

Burpple Tastemakers' posts are always unwaveringly honest and objective. Whether their meals are hosted/ their sister's husband owns the restaurant/ the barista is their Instagram friend, Burpple Tastemakers always remain impartial. With great power comes great responsibility.

4. Contribute actively to the Burpple community

Burpple Tastemakers post recommendations at a consistent quality and frequency. They also engage actively with the Burpple community online, create well-curated lists, and actively participate in Burpple's initiatives and campaigns. Burpple Tastemakers know the Burpple app inside and out, and actively provide valuable feedback to the Burpple team.


• A Tastemaker's active Tastemaker status and its accompanying privileges will last throughout the duration of the year in which he or she is awarded, and will cease the following year upon the first appointment of the following year's batch of Tastemakers.

• Tastemakers are freshly appointed every year and there is no automatic renewal of Tastemaker status when it expires at the end of each year.

• Tastemakers shall not conduct themselves in a manner that will adversely affect the integrity and reputation of the Burpple Tastemaker Programme.

• Tastemakers are not permitted to use their status as “Burpple Tastemaker” to ask for or expect free food and/or special treatment at any dining establishment.

• Invitations to Burpple Tastemaker Eatups and tastings are only extended to Burpple Tastemakers themselves, unless otherwise specified.

• Burpple reserves the right to terminate a Tastemaker's active Tastemaker status and privileges with immediate effect at any time if a Tastemaker breaches any of the terms and conditions, or for any reason Burpple determines at its sole discretion to require such a termination.