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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Tea Plus was established in 2007 with over 100 outlets in Taiwan. It is well-loved by the local populations because of its unique & natural tasting products. Our mission is to provide the best quality product, customer oriented service and tea drinking experience to our consumers.

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From the Burpple community

Love their classic milk tea taste! It’s smooth and silky. The pudding texture is on the harder spectrum so we can chew it. The sugar level preference is only 3 though - 0%, 50%, 100%.

Other recommended flavours are avocado milk tea and yam (if you are a yam person).

Refreshing and not overly sweet, this is a must have on a hot and humid day ◡̈ and it comes with real fruit bits as well!

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The chocolatey taste was thick but not to the point of overpowering your taste buds after a few sips with the milk coming as a subtle aftertaste :)


👍🏼 This is my current favourite bubble tea, Tea Plus' Cranberry High Mountain Tea. Super addicted to it 😝 Having it every other day!


Oolong Milk Tea ($2.90) with added pearls ($0.60) - & I got a 50¢ discount by liking the Tea Plus Singapore Facebook page - valid for the month of July 2018 👍

The milk tea was alright, more milky than I would've liked it to be. The tea taste honestly isn't very strong (& yes, I do drink my bubble tea with 0% sugar). I do like the chewiness of the pearls though, & they were substantial in quantity, too.