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Truly fish soup for the soul that’s popular with diners here. It attracts long queues usually but we were lucky as the queue was pretty short on that day. As we had tried a lot of other food, we only ordered the smallest portion of the fish soup ($5/6/7/8).

What probably is the main attraction here is the thick slices of batang (Spanish mackerel) fish. It’s fresh and fleshy and can be justified by the higher price. Most places usually serve thin slices of fish (some may prefer this).

I also enjoyed the clear soup which isn’t too salty and didn’t get me having to gulp bottles of water (MSG effect). And it comes with some tomato, bittergourd, tofu, leafy vegetables and coriander (I like coriander actually).

Some may ask why queue? It’s just mee siam and mee rebus after all. Well, it’s truly cheap and good. For $2.50 (pictured) or $3, you get a rather generous portion of simple yet comforting Chinese-style mee siam. Bee hoon (rice vermicelli), tangy gravy, boiled egg, tau pok (fried beancurd puffs), dried shrimp, spring onions for garnish and a dollop of sambal.

The homemade gravy is neither too spicy nor too sour. I could also taste the distinct texture of peanuts in the gravy. And fortunately, the bee hoon didn’t absorb all the gravy so I can enjoy the gravy on its own. Many would also love the bits of crispy dried shrimp and tau pok.

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Smells so good, I couldn’t resist having some while taking photo, which explain the little portion photo 😂

Thanks to the people who told me about this fried oyster, I really like it. The starchy fried egg was crispy and flavourful.

Fried Oyster $5

STALL: Yummy Western (2 stalls side by side. Not facing the roads)

PRICE: $3.80

WAITING TIME: Visited at off peak hour. Served within a few minutes.

- Very value for money
- Generous portion of chicken chop and rice, plus a very well-done sunny side up and coleslaw

WILL WE RETURN? Yes. Quite a number of dishes at $3.80.

Chicken wings with lime is always tantalising but can't say the same for the satay which is 1/3 charred halp

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Where else do you get good noodles for only $2 nowadays? I was truly surprised because I was only expecting an average bowl of noodles that markets itself as being cheap. But no, the noodles itself is good.
It's q (firm and springy) without being clumpy. The space was super shiok too being savoury sweet sour and spicy all at once with the use of chilli, ketchup and vinegar. The fishballs were bouncy, but they were very typical of fishballs that were commonly found - not the super soft ones, but this contains much more flour than actual fish. For $3, you can have their signature dried mee kia that comes with liver and bak chor (minced pork).
I really like the noodles though, and for $2, gosh. You can even drop by now, like *now*, because they're opened 24 hours!
汕源 San Yuan Supply and Trading
Teck Ghee Square Market & Food Centre
Blk 409 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Unit 01-02
Singapore 560409