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From the Burpple community

This hawker is pretty Crowded on sunday morning. Didnt have much time to queue for the other awesome food there.

Decided to try this muslim food stall. .

Shorter queue and tasted surprisingly nice.

Got this from the other chicken rice stall, but I much prefer the version from the other stall (name has Tiong Bahru in it) which was way more flavorful, just that you’ll have to queue for that one.

Kaya Thick Toast ($1.20) from 1970's Best Coffee 七十年代 (#01-10). Kaya is pretty watery & bread is nothing special. Wouldn't recommend.

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The $3.00 prawn noodles, dry with chilli, was impressive. Very generous serving of ingredients given for the price. The prawns were sliced into half and deshell except for the tail end. Moreover, the prawns were deveined! Most other stalls do not bother to do this as it is tedious.

The prawns were fresh, firm and easy to savour as it was deshelled. Also the sambal chilli sauce was delicious! It was so fragrant and addictive that it reminded me of Fishball Story’s chilli sauce! I can eat the noodles with the chilli sauce all day!

Having tried the prawn noodles, I now know why it has been so highly raved about! Give it a try before the owners retire!

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They sell both dry/ soup options for an affordable $3 bowl that comes with prawns, fishcake & meat, and we added fresh prawns for an extra $1. While the dry option is good for highlighting the springy chewy noodles, we also enjoy the soup option for the flavorful prawn broth that has the rich aromas of both prawn and pork ribs.
📍Seng Huat Noodles Stall, #01-38, Telok Blangah Food Centre, 79 Telok Blangah Drive

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I was hesitating between ordering the soupy or dry version, however succumbed to ordering the dry one because everyone before me is ordering the dry!! Despite seeing a fellow burppler’s recommendation to go for the soup one.

The dry noodles were alright, and the broth was filled w prawn essence. However,nothing special in my opinion. Guess i’m not really a prawn noodle kinda gal, or maybe i should go for the soupy version the next time i’m here!